Do your kids do weird shit too? Please share..

Let’s face it, kids can often do weird things that as parents, we just sit back and think, what the fuck? This isn’t about our kids being weird but rather some of the odd things they do.

I jokingly tell my kids all the time that they’re weird because in our house, weird is a good thing. Being different is celebrated and diversity is treasured. We feel the same way about nerds. Nerds are cool in this house. Full Stop

That being said, my kids do some weird things that I’m so used to, it sometimes goes unnoticed. This weekend however, I found myself rather annoyed because of something one of my amazing kiddos has a habit of doing.

Mr. Emmett has always had a thing with labels. For whatever reason, he can’t stand them and whenever he spies something with a label on it, he makes it his mission in life to remove it.

Water bottles, Gatorade bottles, ketchup bottles and apparently we’ve added Nutella to the long list of products, literally stripped of their identities by my youngest. 😂

If you ask him, he’ll say that he doesn’t know why he does it and frankly, I believe him. He doesn’t do it to be destructive or annoying. He just does it.

I haven’t touched on this in a really long time but I figured now was a good time to revisit it.

What kinds of weird shit do your kids do? Remember, in this context, weird is not a bad thing. This is more about knowing that there are people out there who can relate. To be completely honest, as annoying as it can be to find the labels removed from products all over my house, it always gives me a chuckle because it’s a sure fire sign that Emmett has been there. 😂

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I love this! I have 3 sons and a daughter with autism, and in my house, weirdness is awesome and nerds are definitely cool. My oldest son (19) is similar to Emmett — in my son’s case, he will not drink bottled water without ripping the label off first. He also loves closing credits to TV shows and will often ask me to read them to him.
My 16-year-old son is obsessed with animatronics and making mashups of his favorite cartoons with mobster movies…right now, he’s writing a story that is a cross between the Mr. Men Show and Casino.
My 13-year-old son, meanwhile, insists on cutting all of his food in bite-sized cubes. That includes slices of cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets — you name it. He loves listening to records but insists on playing them on the wrong speed. (The exception to this rule is Jimi Hendrix…he always listens to Hendrix on the correct speed.)
My daughter (11) typically has an obsession of the month. Last month, it was the old kids’ show the Banana Splits (not sure where that came from, because that show is older than I am). This month, it’s everything Hamilton. Next month, I’m sure it will be something else.
My kids are quirky, but they’re a lot of fun.


My daughter likes to have lots of hair products and they have to be organized in a certain way when she displays them, and God help you if you move them to clean underneath or anything as she will freak.


Yep. My son likes to peel off labels. If a book has a little edge fraying, off it comes and the book cover with it. We have a lot of mystery books. Lighting candles is pointless, he’ll blow them out as soon as your back is turned. He loves to dance and insists I dance with him when his favorite songs are on every.single.time (and I do). He likes to deconstruct things, so we can’t do legos yet. He always has an obsession of some sort. Trains are a BIG one, twirly things like ribbon and cat toys, and his sister’s Polly Pocket house (it’s really his and we all know it). He’s super into The Three Little Pigs, Hocus Pocus, Lego Movie (ironic, right?), and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. My uncle bought him a Halloween themed train book that I have read about 500 times so far. This is the first year he’s gotten into the spooky spirit and mentioned trick or treating, and we can’t even go. I’m having a little at home Halloween celebration with our bubble in lieu and we’re dressing up in Lego Movie costumes. First year he’s willingly picked out a costume, so that’s nifty. Anyway. Yeah, my kid has a number of quirks, but they’re mostly harmless and I love them.