Moving Abroad With Autistic Kids: A Fool-Proof Guide

Moving abroad with kids that have autism may sound like an impossible challenge. The good news is that it is possible. You can even make things go more smoothly by following the tips below. 

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Be 100% sure and certain about the move. 

When you have kids with autism, moving home is a significant undertaking. It’s not just the physical move you have to deal with, but the emotional waves such a major change in their life will cause. 

With that in mind, before you expose them to such upheaval, you must know for sure that you want to go through with the move. After all, getting there to realize things just aren’t going to work will only prolong everyone’s suffering. 

Additionally, when it comes to moving abroad, you must have all the necessary permissions and documents in place, as this will ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. For example, if you are moving to the UK, you may need to complete an ilr application and get status for the whole family. This will then allow you all to live in the UK free from immigration control. It also acts as a step on the journey towards permanent citizenship. Something that means you will be much less likely to need to uproot the whole family and cause stress later on. 

Don’t ship essentials

Many kids, autistic ones included, have items that they cannot do without. Whether these are favorite plush toys, comfort blankets, or anything else to which they become attached. 

Of course, for autistic kids, not being able to access these can be a significant problem and cause many meltdowns. To that end, you must make a list of any essential items before you begin packing and ensure these stay out of any shipping crates and are easily accessible. 

Prep your child for the move 

For autistic kids knowing what to expect from the move and the new country in which they will be living vital to their well-being. To that end, taking some time to explain to your child and remind them of what will happen is crucial. 

Also, giving them access to media such as Youtube showing what the country they will be moving to can really help soften the blow. Some parents may even like to invest in tools like Duo Lingo. Therefore helping their kids learn at least the basics of the country’s language they are moving to beforehand. 

Make the move as stress-free as possible 

You may well be able to reach your new home abroad in less than 24 hours. However, it may be wiser to stagger the journey to keep stress levels to a minimum. 

Indeed, staggering the journey so the kids can take a break, get some sleep, have some food, and generally decompress is a brilliant idea. Especially if your journey includes using public transport or being on a plane for any length of time. 

Indeed, by taking a little longer to get to your new home, you can help make their first experience of it that much more positive and a lot easier to adapt to. 

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