Why Busy Parents Should Invest in an Air Fryer

In a perfect world, we would all butcher our own meat, grow our own organic vegetables, and water them with unicorn tears. But in reality, we are just too busy. We have a job, kids, schoolwork, piano lessons, and soccer practice. This easily gives me an excuse to eat fast food and put my family’s health at risk. Though fast food can be fun for a rare treat, We know that whole foods with little to know chemical processing are the best bet. 

That’s where an air fryer became my new BFF. These things are so speedy. Not everyone has time to wait on the large oven as it heats to 375. Practice starts at 7 pm! This handy appliance is a hero! Mine will heat up very quickly. Some models can do so in just a couple of minutes. It is smaller than an oven, so it heats quickly and evenly. This even allows for frozen meats to cook without having to wait for thawing. No more waiting for food to thaw? Yes, please.

Plus they’re easy. Air fryers are designed to be incredibly user-friendly. Anyone who is able to set the time and temperature can easily place food in the basket and start cooking. We all have that one member of the family who pretends to not know how to use any of the cooking appliances and gets out of having to prepare those big meals. This new appliance yanks that excuse right out from under them!

It also encourages kids to eat their veggies. Cooking up vegetables in the air fryer leaves them super crispy. You may just want to eat that asparagus as a finger food! And it is great to have vegetables come out with a crispy, fried consistency without having to bathe them in unhealthy oils. 

It helps beat the heat. In the summer, you don’t want to heat up the oven, and in turn, heat up the entire kitchen. The small, quick air fryer solves that problem as well. No more plume of 400-degree air hitting you in the face when you try to check on the roasted chicken breasts.

Lastly, the size of this appliance is just right. They are not too big and they’re not too small. They are the Goldilocks of appliances because they are just right. Mine is an appropriate size to fit right on my kitchen counter. No bending down to grab that roasting pan out of the oven. It is right there at a convenient height. 

Now that we’ve learned how an air fryer can make life easier for busy parents, the only decision left to make is which one to buy. There are so many reliable brands out there, and there are tons of great deals every week. Of course the best part of buying one is that it is going to make your life just a little bit easier. 

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Oh I didn’t know one of your kids played piano, which one?