A Important Announcement

Doing what I do is very rewarding. Being able to help people and provide for my family is a true blessing. It’s taken a lot of time, patience, energy, and sacrifice to build this platform. I’m very lucky and I know it.

At the same time, there’s a dark side to this that I don’t often talk about. I tend to quietly deal with it because I’ve always just figured it was my fault for putting myself out there. The truth is, I have at least two online stalkers and I don’t know what else to call them. The leave disgusting comments on the blog, you’ve probably seen them, messages on social media, and now they’re creating social accounts in order to impersonate me. They’re stealing pictures of my kids to build their account on Instagram and Facebook was targeted tonight.

I’m used to this type of shit anymore and arguably, I opened myself up this when I became a public figure. At the time, I didn’t realize this was in the contract but it is what it is. Does that make it right? No it doesn’t, but at least I chose this path. Putting things out there in an attempt to hurt or humiliate me isn’t going to destroy me, but does serve to put my kids at risk. I’m a grown man and I can deal with this stuff. The people in my life like my life didn’t ask for any of this though. It’s hard to believe that someone can wake up in the morning and go to such great lengths to disrupt my life.

People don’t always agree with me but I’ve never done anything to anyone. My mission has always been above board and dedicated to improving the lives of special needs families across the globe. Simply not agreeing with me doesn’t mean I should be attacked, harassed, or impersonated using stolen pictures of my kids.

If anyone approaches you and claims to be me, make sure their social media account is verifed. The only one of my main accounts that isn’t is IG and I’m currently working on that. Please ignore all invites or messages from these fake accounts and if you see anything, please let me know so I can deal with it. If you can screenshot it and report it, I would really appreciate it. Facebook has already taken down the account but not before they reached out to most of my friends list, including my family and others.

Because they are stealing pictures of my kids for these fake accounts, I’m going to adjust the way I watermark everything so the watermark can’t be cropped out. Once I’ve verified on IG, it’s much easier to fight this. I don’t really understand how Facebook doesn’t carry verification from Facebook to Instagram but it’s a separate process.

If you see anything, please let me know. I’m not going to post the link to their IG account here but you can find it on my Facebook timeline.

Thank you all so very much.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Becky Wiren

I’m sorry this is happening. It really sucks when some people have to try to destroy others. They are nutters who are obsessed.