This is what it looks like when #Autism explodes all over your house

I wanted to take a minute and revisit some basic Autism in real-life moments. This particular one is from this evening and is a perfect example of how Emmett likes to see his world. In the picture below, you can see what my fridge looks like, after Emmett organizes things. Emmett, like many kids with Autism, appreciates thingd like order. He likes straight lines and everything in its place. The only place he tolerates disorder is his bedroom. It's weird and I can't explain it but it's one of his quirks. The bottom line is this, it makes sense to him, it doesn't have to make sense to me. Leave a comment and share the post in you can relate or even see this kind of amazing display in your…


#Autism exploded all over our refrigerator

I'm so used to being an Autism parent that very little surprises me anymore. There are times however, that one of my kids does something that is so obviously Autism related in nature, that I can't help but stop and smile. ☺ Yesterday, I made a quick trip to the grocery store and Emmett helped put the groceries away when I got home. Putting the groceries away turned into reorganizing the refrigerator in a way that made sense to him. I couldn't help but smile and I snapped a picture and thought I would share.. ☺


#Autism In Real Life: How Anxiety Impacts Decision Making

My goal is to help people better understand the impact of Autism on a daily basis. I use my family as an example and while no two people are alike, many of us face similar challenges. This is my sweet Emmett.  We were going to have a special dinner before therapy tonight and I was letting the boys pick out a frozen dinner. Emmett went for the Kid Cuisines because that's his favorite.  What you see in the video below is what happens every single time he has to make a decision about anything.  He panics because he can't decide and is afraid of making the wrong decision. This absolutely interferes with everyday life and makes things extremely challenging.. I never get angry with him because he's doing the best…