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Today’s Victory: Pants

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I want to take a second to remind everyone to celebrate the victories. As Autism and Special Needs Parents, we’re all to aware that even the smallest step forward still means forward movement. Focus on those victories, even on the really bad days because it helps to maintain perspective. That… Read more »

Whatever makes him smile

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Things are looking good going into another four day weekend. Yup, that’s right. Another four day weekend is upon us. Lizze isn’t feeling well but it’s because of the weather and fibromyalgia. Thank God we don’t seem to have flu or anything like that going around. I don’t mean to… Read more »

When #Autism truly breaks your heart

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During therapy tonight, we spoke with Emmett about his tummy aches. He wasn’t super forthcoming, which doesn’t surprise me. We asked him if anything was bothering him because sometimes that can cause a tummy ache. The way we word things is critical to communicating with Emmett. He’s so incredibly literal,… Read more »

Emmett is struggling this morning

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Emmett is struggling this morning. His tummy is upset again and he’s not in a good place. He’s on the verge of a massive meltdown and nothing is helping. I don’t know why his tummy hurts or if it’s something else that’s bothering him and it’s causing a tummy ache…. Read more »

We might be approaching the end of the road

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This fever flare is driving me nuts. I know it’s worse for Emmett but I’m still having a really hard time getting him to eat anything. He’s had a bit of yogurt, some pudding and I just got him to eat some brown rice. The brown rice was a pretty… Read more »

He’s not a typical kid and this isn’t a typical situation

I’m concerned that Emmett is going to be very difficult to get to school in the morning. His mouth sores are getting better but he still has a big one on the inside of his lip and it hurts me just to look at it. Poor Emmett is still in… Read more »

#Autism can be so goddamn frustrating at times

I’ve spent the weekend working with Emmett on his make up work from school. While we were working through this pile of papers, I noticed a couple of things. I should begin by saying that we never made it through all the makeup work because of frustration and massive meltdowns…. Read more »

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