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The heartbreaking talk I had with my youngest

I always try to live my life without making any assumptions, at least big ones. No matter how hard I try, I inevitably find that I’ve made assumptions without even… Read more »

All I wanted to do was fix the sink and this happened

It’s been a really long and frustrating day. We were disappointed that we had to postpone our hike due to high temperatures but it is what it is. Instead, Emmett… Read more »

Taking a project with my #Autistic son today

The insanely hot weather has defeated us again today. We were going to go hiking but it’s simply too hot and we’d be inviting trouble. Instead, Emmett and I are… Read more »

My youngest just hit double digits

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Our day was fairly nonstop and I didn’t get a chance to post this eariler. Better late than never. Emmett turned 10 years old today and he had a great… Read more »

#Autism exploded all over our refrigerator

I’m so used to being an Autism parent that very little surprises me anymore. There are times however, that one of my kids does something that is so obviously Autism… Read more »

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