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This is heartbreaking

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Mr. Emmett is home from school today because he’s not feeling well. He’s been struggling with his fever disorder related mouth sores and he’s just reached a point where he’s sick to his stomach. Poor Emmett didn’t sleep much last night and is too much pain to go to school… Read more »

We’re laying my Grandfather to rest this morning and this is what we’re doing with the kids

It’s going to be a rough day. My Grandfather’s funeral is this morning and it’s about an hour away. Calling hours will immediately be followed by the funeral. It’s all in one day and I guess that’s a thing now. Honestly, it’s better this way because it makes it easier… Read more »

Today’s #Autism parenting journey in pictures

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Today was a mixed bag of really awesome, really frustrating and a bit of whatever fell in between. Overall, we made some amazing memories today. We ended up having to go through some shit to make them but that’s all part of the journey, right? Of course it is… I… Read more »

The 1st rule of Fight Club is you don’t have it during a grade school Christmas program

It’s the final day before Christmas break begins and the boys have their Christmas show this afternoon. Emmett’s super excited and Elliott is not excited at all. The person most excited by a mile, is Gavin. Gavin has been talking about this Christmas program since Thanksgiving. I don’t know why… Read more »

This is what happened when I took my son with #Autism, shoe shopping today

I wanted to update you fine folks on how our shoe shopping excursion went this afternoon. I’m so proud of Emmett because it didn’t go as planned but he adapted and worked through it. ☺ Emmett and I went to the Skechers outlet store, on a mission to find a… Read more »

Shoe shopping for my kid with #Autism isn’t easy or fun but here’s what we do

Alrighty, I’m super excited about today because after school, I get to take Emmett, shoe shopping. I love Emmett to pieces and would do anything for him. At the same time, he’s not a fan of things touching his skin. He’s very sensory oriented and things like clothes, shoes and… Read more »

We had some excitement today

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We’ve had some excitement in The Autism Dad household today/yesterday, depending on when you read this. ☺ The boys got off to school without a problem. Lizze got her tooth fixed. She had a broken filling that needed repaired/replaced. She did awesome but it wasn’t pleasant. Lizze’s Mom took the… Read more »

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