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I have an exciting announcement

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So this is pretty exciting. Emmett will be in a martial arts tournament tomorrow morning up in Akron. Every year at the end of the school year, the school invites the kids to participate in a martial arts tournament. In previous years, the tournament was held in Columbus, Ohio and… Read more »

I’m so proud – Check out the awards my kids earned at school

I want to take a minute and share some awesome achievements the boys have made in school. We have reached the end of the grading period and awards have been given out. They have a little awards ceremony but parents aren’t allowed to be there. That’s sucks cause I’d love… Read more »

The sweet story behind this thermos

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This may look like an ordinary thermos, sitting on my nightstand but it’s not, at least not tonight. After I got home from taking Elliott to his last day of physical therapy, I wasn’t feeling well. Lunch wasn’t agreeing with me and I needed to lay down in order to… Read more »

This is what happened at Emmett’s doctors appointment

I was reminded this morning that I never updated y’all on how Emmett’s doctors appointment went on Tuesday. I’m still having bad days so things are slipping through the cracks and this was one of them. Anyway, on to the update. Emmett’s been dealing with chronic tummyaches for a very… Read more »

Emmett returned to school this morning

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Just a quick update to share that Emmett made it back to school today. He missed all last week, as well as Monday and Tuesday of this week due to tummy aches. He’s feeling better today and was super excited to return. It’s easy to assume that Emmett is trying… Read more »

It all happens at noon today

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It’s already been a hectic morning but I did receive the call I’ve been waiting on from Emmett’s pediatrician. The long and short of things is that Emmett will be seen at noon today. Lizze and I dropping Gavin off with my Mom on the way. We can’t risk exposing… Read more »

He’s NOT faking this

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Emmett isn’t feeling well again this morning and rather than encourage him to go to school and at least try to see if he’ll feel better, we’re keeping him home. The main reason we’re keeping him home is because we’d have to pull him out anyway for his appointment this… Read more »

It’s likely nothing to worry about but there are two much more serious possibilities that he’s genetically tied to

I still haven’t heard from the doctor as to what time Emmett’s supposed to be seen in the morning. I’m supposed to call back if I don’t hear from them before 9 AM. This should be a simple appointment and likely resulting in a referral to Gastroenterology at Akron Children’s… Read more »

Hopefully this is a step in the right direction

Emmett didn’t make it to school today again, because he’s not feeling well. I’ve been running around this morning but I’ve got a minute to publish an update before I go walking. Elliott got to school on time and without issue. Gavin’s bloodwork was drawn and we are waiting for… Read more »

I don’t know what to do anymore

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This post was meant to publish last night but I ended up falling asleep. At this point I’m unsure of what we will be doing with Emmett today. I’m hoping to get him into the doctors if he’s still not feeling well when he wakes up. The poor kid was… Read more »

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