It’s was a sh!tty morning for this #Autism Dad

This morning sucked. On the positive side though, both boys got to school but it was a shifty, meltdown filled morning in The Autism Dad household. 

Elliott was pretty hyper but mostly cooperative and that’s awesome. 

Emmett was another story all together.… Read More

Sometimes it takes the flexibility of a contortionist to be an #Autism parent 

I’m trying to find my award winning sense of humor again because I seem to have lost it a bit. On days like today, humor is what gets me though. 

Today marked the end of Christmas break and the beginning of our return to a desperately needed routine.… Read More

My son with #Autism needs everything to match. Does yours? 

I woke up to the boys fighting this morning. Emmett was freaking out because he needs everything in his life to match and when it doesn’t, he panics and melts down. 

This mornings disaster was caused because Elliott had been playing the Xbox for about an hour, while Emmett had only played for about half that amount of time.… Read More

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