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It’s so hard to feed my kids with #Autism

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We’re having a really hard time finding food that Emmett will eat, especially while at school. He’s never eaten the school lunches because he’s incredibly sensory oriented. It just won’t ever happen and that’s okay. The problem is that’s it’s become increasingly more difficult to find things we can pack… Read more »

This is why my youngest with #Autism begged us to pull him out of his school

Tonight, I’m just going to get into what happened at the school to make Emmett want us to pull him out. I’m too tired to deal with all the Cleveland Clinic stuff tonight as well. I’ll get to that a bit later. As the school year enters its forth week,… Read more »

Meltdowns and mayhem led to an incrediblely touching gesture

This morning has been a total disaster. Mr. Emmett woke up in a mood that can only be described as unfortunate. He woke up at one point last night and wanted to crawl into our bed but we got him back into his instead. Maybe he had nightmares again and… Read more »

This is just 1 example of why being an #Autism parent is so exhausting

Today’s been a nightmare. I didn’t sleep last night and that certainly doesn’t help things at all. Gavin had a doctor’s appointment this morning, right after the kids needed to be at school. Unfortunately, Emmett woke up with a tummy ache, which usually is the result of some underlying stress…. Read more »

Emmett’s teacher told me the most amazing thing today

This will be quick because I’m going to bed but I wanted to share this first. When I picked up the boys from school this afternoon, one of Emmett’s teachers came out to talk to me for a minute before dismissal. She wanted to me to know how much they… Read more »

I love when my kids with #Autism embrace their inner artist

Emmett came home from his grandparents freaking out about a Pokémon card he got at the dollar store. I guess it’s a really good one and it’s totally changed his life or something to that affect. Bottomline, he was incredibly happy and very excited. He then decided to sit down… Read more »

It’s already overwhelming

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The boys got off to school this morning without too much hassle. Emmett however, is very clearly distressed by all the changes to his routine and schedule. We’re seeing tummy aches and nightmares again already. He loves school but at the same time, it’s very stressful for him. When Emmett… Read more »

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