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Would you take your child with #Autism to a funeral? 7 things to think about

I know this will sound like a weird question but Would you take your child with #Autism to a funeral?  The reason I’m asking, is because it’s one question that I’m commonly asked, and I thought it was important enough to discuss. There isn’t an easy answer to this question,… Read more »

Does your family have a go-to food for your child with #Autism and/or #Sensory Processing Disorder when all else fails?

It’s very often tough to feed kids on the #Autism Spectrum because of Sensory Processing Disorder and I’m wondering if there is one food that you can always fall back on if all else fails? What is that food?

#Autism Parenting Question of The Day: It’s about sleep

This is a serious question. Please answer if you’re comfortable and pass this on so I can hear from as many people as possible… Thank you

What’s something that your kiddo with #Autism loves to eat but you feel like a horrible parent for letting them?

This is something that you will get it or you won’t. Kids on the Autism spectrum can be very, very difficult to feed for a number of reasons.  Some kids are more extreme than others but it’s a pretty universal concern among many Autism parents, including myself.  What’s something that… Read more »

Describe what sleep means to you in one sentence

I thought this might be kinda fun to do.  Regardless of your walk in life, we all ace experience with this little thing called sleep. I simply want you to tell me what sleep means to you and do so in only one sentence. Leave your answer below in the… Read more »