Describe what sleep means to you in one sentence

I thought this might be kinda fun to do. 

Regardless of your walk in life, we all ace experience with this little thing called sleep.

I simply want you to tell me what sleep means to you and do so in only one sentence. Leave your answer below in the comments or comment on the The Autism Dad fan page. 

Let’s see what we all have to say about what sleep means…😀


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  • Darcy Dallin

    Something I never get enough of.

  • JoshuasMom

    Sleep for mom means patience. No sleep means a bad day for both us.

  • Lesley Rose Wigram

    time off but I would like some better dreams seeing its my nightly holiday.

  • Amen to that JoshuasMom. Amen to that.

  • A blissful escape from chronic pain and the constant demands of everyone else.

  • Jo-Anne Hackney

    Peace, silence, tranquility

  • Bekkah Morris

    A miracle.