Do any of your kids on the #Autism Spectrum do this? -

Do any of your kids on the #Autism Spectrum do this?

Every person on the Autism Spectrum is unique.  It’s so important to remember that everyone with Autism is impacted in different ways, even though they have the same diagnosis. 

When you speak to as many different people from around the globe as I have, the above fact is really reinforced.

It’s profoundly interesting to see how unique people on the spectrum are, as well learn about the things they do have in common. 

Each of my three on the spectrum have unique traits and are impacted in different ways.

Emmett has this sorta weird thing he does when sitting on the couch and I wondered if anyone else either does this themselves or has a child who does the same thing as pictured below. 


If left to his own devices, Emmett would perch on the arm or even the back of the couch. 

I do try to correct him when I see this because it’s destroying the couch and I’m afraid he’s gonna fall.  Inevitably, this is a losing battle because I just don’t have the energy or frankly the desire to fight this battle. 

Anyone see this in their home?

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