Opinions Wanted: Should our kids with #Autism be forced to conform? 

I’m really looking for the communities input for this discussion, because this is a rather sensitive topic, but one that needs to be discussed.  Should we force our kids with Autism to conform to the world around them? Should we …

Question of the Day: Does your child with #Autism struggle with Sensory issues? 

This is a very simple question but the answers can be anything but simple.  When a child is diagnosed with Autism, there are often comorbid diagnoses that go along with it. Some are noted right away and others creep up …

Does your family have a go-to food for your child with #Autism and/or #Sensory Processing Disorder when all else fails?

It’s very often tough to feed kids on the #Autism Spectrum because of Sensory Processing Disorder and I’m wondering if there is one food that you can always fall back on if all else fails? What is that food?

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