Does your family have a go-to food for your child with #Autism and/or #Sensory Processing Disorder when all else fails?

One of the biggest challenges in my family has to do with feeding.  It’s extremely difficult to make our limited grocery budget work because it’s damn near impossible to keep food in the house that my kids will actually eat. 

There are very few things that my kids will eat on a regular basis, aside for Little Ceasars Pizza.… Read More

#Autism Parenting Question of The Day: It’s about sleep

I wrote something the other day and sorta jokingly said that I was sure if 3 hours of interrupted and restless sleep is better than no sleep at all. It’s since occurred to me that it’s actually a really interesting question and I thought I would pose it you the community.… Read More

Do any of your kids on the #Autism Spectrum do this?

Every person on the Autism Spectrum is unique.  It’s so important to remember that everyone with Autism is impacted in different ways, even though they have the same diagnosis. 

When you speak to as many different people from around the globe as I have, the above fact is really reinforced.… Read More

What’s something that your kiddo with #Autism loves to eat but you feel like a horrible parent for letting them?

This is something that you will get it or you won’t. Kids on the Autism spectrum can be very, very difficult to feed for a number of reasons. 

Some kids are more extreme than others but it’s a pretty universal concern among many Autism parents, including myself. 

What’s something that your kiddo with Autism loves to eat but you feel like a horrible parent for letting them?

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