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#Autism Parenting Question of the Day for July 1, 2018

Today’s Autism parenting question of the day is: Does Autism ever interfere with family outings?

Are there times when you find being an #Autism parent harder than usual?

Being an Autism parent is rarely described as being easy. It’s many things but easy simply isn’t one of them. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t times that are easier than others. In that vein of thought, I thought I would pose a question to you all. Are there times you find being an Autism …

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As an #Autism Parent: What’s one thing you will never do and one thing you will always do?

When someone becomes an Autism parent, everything and I mean everything changes. There are too many things to even begin to make a list and frankly, that list would be different for everyone. As an Autism Parent: What’s one thing you will never do and one thing you will always do? Please leave your answers in the …

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Does your child with #Autism have a comorbid diagnoses as well?

Does your child with #Autism have a comorbid diagnoses? Common comorbid diagnoses are things like #ADHD, Anxiety and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Opinions Wanted: Should our kids with #Autism be forced to conform? 

I’m really looking for the communities input for this discussion, because this is a rather sensitive topic, but one that needs to be discussed.  Should we force our kids with Autism to conform to the world around them? Should we allow our kids with Autism to simply be who they are, and make the world …

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Question of the Day: Does your child with #Autism struggle with Sensory issues? 

This is a very simple question but the answers can be anything but simple.  When a child is diagnosed with Autism, there are often comorbid diagnoses that go along with it. Some are noted right away and others creep up over time.  One of the most common comorbid diagnoses is Sensory Processing Disorder.  Sensory processing …

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Would you take your child with #Autism to a funeral? 7 things to think about

I know this will sound like a weird question but Would you take your child with #Autism to a funeral?  The reason I’m asking, is because it’s one question that I’m commonly asked, and I thought it was important enough to discuss. There isn’t an easy answer to this question, but I do have a …

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Does your family have a go-to food for your child with #Autism and/or #Sensory Processing Disorder when all else fails?

It’s very often tough to feed kids on the #Autism Spectrum because of Sensory Processing Disorder and I’m wondering if there is one food that you can always fall back on if all else fails? What is that food?