#Autism Parenting Question of The Day: It's about sleep -

#Autism Parenting Question of The Day: It’s about sleep

I wrote something the other day and sorta jokingly said that I was sure if 3 hours of interrupted and restless sleep is better than no sleep at all. It’s since occurred to me that it’s actually a really interesting question and I thought I would pose it you the community.

In life, we offer say that some is better than none. That applies to things like money and winning lottery tickets but does that same statement apply to things like sleep?

Here’s my question..

When it comes to being an Autism parent, are you better off with a few hours of restless/interrupted sleep or none at all?

I totally get that often times the choice is not ours to make but I’m just wondering your opinion… Sometimes I feel like I be better off just powering through and taking a nap later on if it’s possible.  I can often feel worse after a bout of only a few hours of terrible sleep.



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