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Counting my blessings this morning 

Emmett had an okay day yesterday. His fever hit almost 101°F, which it’s anything serious. What you need to remember though, is he’s not sick. There’s no physiological reason for him to be running a fever.  We had some rough moments, but the boys actually spent a few hours with my Mom.  When they got …

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Received 2 absolute blessings today

Sometimes, we are totally blessed by the things that happen in our lives, and today was one of those days.  As we approach the end of the month, things get tighter financially. I was settling in for a week of tightly managing our grocery budget, when some amazing news arrived. Actually, we received two pieces …

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I’ve chosen to focus on the blessings 

Last night ended with more tension than I like, but before that, we had a decent evening.  I took everyone to the park and we walked the track. We had to sorta improvise a bit because there’s major construction going on in the park right now. We had to map out a new path and …

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This is absolutely a blessing 

I have some really good news tonight. Elliott is peacefully sleeping, and has been all night. This is the first time in over three days that he’s done that. The neighborhood noise was really bad, and he slept right through it.  My hope is that he will sleep in and feel much better when he …

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