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It’s pretty bad but thank God no one was hurt

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My thoughts are scattered. As a result of tonight’s events, my stress level and worry are at all time highs. It’s probably best if I just start at the beginning because I’m sorta processing all this in real time. My feeling are still raw and I’m unsure of what’s going… Read more »

It was a hellacious day but filled with small blessings

Yesterday was a complete disaster but still managed to have some high points and things I’m grateful for. The day began like any other, with appointments to be at. This time it was the oral surgeon for Lizze. She needed to have two teeth pulled and this was simply supposed… Read more »

Why today was a blessing

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It’s been a long day but a rewarding one. The boys had a good day at school, and we were able to confirm that everything is a go for Gavin’s Wish Trip at the end of the month. I was able to get documentation from Wishes Can Happen that I… Read more »

How Gavin handled tonight is a blessing

Gavin had his IVIG infusion tonight because and it went pretty well. In fact, Gavin set the entire thing up, all by himself. The only thing he didn’t do was please the needles in his stomach. This is a pretty big step forward for him. There weren’t any side effects… Read more »

A couple reasons I’m feeling blessed

We have a lot going on right now. At the time of publication, we still haven’t received the results from Gavin’s labs drawn a few hours ago. I’m on edge and feeling like I’m losing my mind.  Inside all the chaos, fear, worry, and heartbreak, I’m managing to focus on… Read more »

We have a new diagnosis and you won’t believe what it is

It’s been a stressful morning for all of us. We had two appointments this morning before having to get our cat Cleo to the vet again. We were worried that she may need to be put down and that wasn’t something we were prepared for.  We spoke with the kids… Read more »

Counting my blessings this morning 

Emmett had an okay day yesterday. His fever hit almost 101°F, which it’s anything serious. What you need to remember though, is he’s not sick. There’s no physiological reason for him to be running a fever.  We had some rough moments, but the boys actually spent a few hours with… Read more »