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We had a massive, massive meltdown

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It’s not been a good morning so far. To start things off on the wrong foot, I stepped funny coming down the stairs and jarred my back. You may recall that I suffered a major back injury many years ago. Most of the time I’m okay and I’ve adapted to… Read more »

#Autism + Haircut = MAJOR SUCKAGE

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Elliott was feeling better this afternoon and I took advantage of that. He was desperately in need of a haircut and he was actually willing to get one. These opportunities don’t come around very often because he hates getting his hair cut. Normally haircuts are a rather nightmarish event that… Read more »

Elliott is too distressed to sleep

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Elliott and I are having a campout in the living room tonight. He’s been unable to sleep, and so I thought maybe spending some time together would help me get to the bottom of what’s been causing him so much distress. I hate seeing him struggling, and Elliott doesn’t always… Read more »

He’s afraid to go back to school

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Elliott is not able to sleep tonight because he too afraid to go back to school tomorrow. I’ve tried to reassure him but he’s really stressed out after the day he had yesterday. I’m hoping he’ll fall asleep because I want to go to sleep. I’m hoping that he’ll feel… Read more »

Elliott came home from school sobbing

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Elliott had what could only be classified as a bad day at school today. At dismissal, Elliott was escorted to the car by one of his teachers. Elliott was apparently upset and had clearly been crying. I don’t like seeing that, and I immediately kick into protective mode, as most… Read more »

We’re giving serious thought to homeschooling at least 1 of our 2 kids with #Autism, that are still in school

Full disclosure. I’m exhausted and having a hard time putting thoughts together tonight. I’m going to try and make this as coherent as possible but no promises. Lizze and I are seriously talking about the logistics of homeschooling the boys. Between Emmett’s inability to wear clothes and Elliott’s emotional struggles… Read more »

I’m not sure what we’re dealing with but we survived the day

I survived the day. That’s something to celebrate because there were times I didn’t think I would. ☺ Emmett seems to be doing better but Elliott went to bed not feeling well. There’s all kinds of shit going around the school, so that may be what’s going on. At this… Read more »

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