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A chaotic but successful morning

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It was a somewhat chaotic morning but we got out the door and off to the first day or school without too many problems. Emmett was clearly very anxious to get to school on time and by contrast, Elliott was more relaxed on the outside but anxious on the inside…. Read more »

We had orientation tonight

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Orientation went great tonight. We were there for all of about thirty minutes in total, but it was a quality thirty minutes. ☺ Anyway, we met the boys teachers, most we knew already but some we met for the first time. There are some cool changes this school year, the… Read more »

That would have been a problem

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I’m not sure what we were thinking but it turns out that school begins on the 21st and not the 27th. I found that out this morning when I called to double check with the school. Apparently, orientation is on Monday and Tuesday is the first day back. We were… Read more »

The lowdown on today’s doctors appointments

Both Elliott and Emmett had appointments this morning with their pediatrician. This was a regular well-check and an ADHD follow-up as well. Elliott was really anxious because he knew he needed a vaccine. Turns out he needed two vaccines, meningitis and HPV. The HPV was the final in a series… Read more »

It looks like he’s going to be diagnosed with #Bipolar disorder

Lizze and I have begun accepting the reality of something we wish we wouldn’t have to. That reality is the likelihood that Elliott will be diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Elliott had some testing done eariler in the week at his physiologist appointment and it came back with a high likelihood… Read more »

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