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We are dealing with some new challenges

It’s been a little bit since I opened up about some of the challenges we’re dealing with as an autism family. While life is definitely good, there are some new challenges that have come up recently and I want to talk about them.

Some major updates about my kids

It’s been a little while since I’m written here. There have been a great many changes in my life and all of them very positive. I’m obviously still experiencing some writing burnout and I just don’t always have the bandwidth to put my thoughts into words like I used to. That said, I’m really trying …

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I couldn’t be prouder

I want to remind all the parents out there to never lose hope. This will be very short and I feel like the picture says it all. My kids have been in a charter school for kids on the spectrum, since kindergarten. The idea of mainstreaming seemed scary and frankly, impossible at times. I always …

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Made a trip to Akron Children’s Hospital today

Haven’t done one of these is forever. Elliott and Emmett both had well checks today at Akron Children’s Hospital. This was basically playing a bit of catchup as a result of COVID. Elliott needed a physical for school this year and Emmett just needed a physical because it was time for him to have a …

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I pushed the limits of my comfort level a bit but I think we did good

Elliott’s birthday was largely successful. I think it was anyway. After the boys finished class for the day, I got them over to see Lizze and we hung out in the driveway for about twenty minutes. Everyone was double masked and socially distanced. The boys were able to get hugs from their mom that’s always …

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I’m trying to make my son’s 2nd birthday while on #COVID lockdown a happy one

As you may or may not know, today is Elliott’s 15th birthday. Today also marks the second birthday in row that he’s celebrated on COVID lockdown. While Lizze and I are trying to make arrangements for the boys to go over, it’s not a quick process. There’s a lot of planning that goes into visits …

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My kids cooked me dinner and I’m blown away

One of the things we’ve been working on during lockdown is life skills. I try to make the best use of all the time we have available to us and it’s paying off. First of all, while Elliott and Emmett are both on the autism spectrum, they’re incredibly high functioning. Aside from anxiety, SPD and …

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Today was full of accomplishments

Elliott had his first day back today and it went amazingly well. I say first day back because we moved both Elliott and Emmett back to their old school. They’re remote learning instead of distance learning and the experience thus far has been night and day. Emmett is supposed to start Friday, September 4th but …

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