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Phone calls from the school during the school day are never good

Just when I thought things were finally settling down and we could catch our breath from all the Gavin drama this morning, Lizze gets a phone call. Elliott is in the school office with a fever and needs to come home. I had to drop what I was doing to… Read more »

We came we saw we struggled, but we survived

The appointments went pretty well. Everyone is doing okay, and Elliott was even able to avoid bloodwork. Emmett, on the other hand, was not so lucky. He needed bloodwork and ended up having to sit in line for over an hour to get it done. He was not happy about… Read more »

It’s a very stressful morning

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It’s not been a super fun morning. I had assumed that Elliott would be struggling this morning, but it ended up being Emmett who was struggling. When Emmett gets stressed out, he struggles even more with sensory related issues. This morning it was socks. He couldn’t find a pair of… Read more »

Praying today isn’t a total nightmare

In the morning, we have to be at the immunologist. This means another trip to Cleveland, and we have to be there by 9 AM so that it will be a very early morning. Unfortunately, both Elliott and Emmett will need blood work while we’re there. That’s not going to… Read more »

I’m frustrated, heartbroken and unable to sleep

Life has been getting in the way of writing lately and that’s frustrating. This is a major outlet for me and when it’s impeded, I tend to struggle a bit more. My intention with this post is to play catch-up. I think the last time I wrote anything significant was… Read more »

I’m not a quitter but I wonder how long I can keep this up

We had a really rough night with Elliott. He’s struggling a great deal emotionally and I don’t know how to reach him. He’s so angry, hurt and scattered but we aren’t sure why because much of what he is upset about, never happened. His perception is often inaccurate and there… Read more »

We’re laying my Grandfather to rest this morning and this is what we’re doing with the kids

It’s going to be a rough day. My Grandfather’s funeral is this morning and it’s about an hour away. Calling hours will immediately be followed by the funeral. It’s all in one day and I guess that’s a thing now. Honestly, it’s better this way because it makes it easier… Read more »

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