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The heartbreaking reality of how trauma has seriously impacted one of my kids with #Autism

I’ve been meaning to write this but the idea of doing so has been too overwhelming. There are a number of reasons for that but the main one is that I’m struggling with my own depression at this point and many things have me overwhelmed. I’m going to try and… Read more »

Thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated today

Today is going to be a very big day for us as we’re finally getting Elliott into the psychiatrist at Akron Children’s Hospital. You may recall that the appointment was the first week of November but they moved it up due to a cancelation and Elliott’s need. I haven’t talked… Read more »

It’s crushing to hear your child say they feel dead inside

We had a pretty rough evening with Elliott. I don’t talk about this a great deal but he’s seriously struggling and it’s absolutely breaking my heart. He has very little control over his emotions and seems to cycle through the full gamut in a very short period of time. I… Read more »

I needed this walk to clear my head

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We’ve had a pretty decent morning. I was able to sleep in because once again, Lizze never fell asleep. She was still awake when the kids woke up and let me sleep in. That was really nice of her. 😀 Gavin had a successful IVIG infusion first thing and shortly… Read more »

The heartbreaking reality of parenting an adult child

Being a parent isn’t easy. I don’t think anyone would argue that statement. Being a special needs parents it’s without a doubt, the most difficult endeavor of my entire life. We are facing a very difficult reality right now with our oldest, Gavin. Gavin’s going to be 19 in a… Read more »

We’re seeing a significant increase in #Meltdowns

There’s so much going on in my life and it’s becoming more and more difficult to write about it because it’s exhausting. I keep thinking about doing more vlogger type things but I don’t know. Anyway, Elliott’s going through a very, very, very difficult time. The teenage years aren’t easy… Read more »

It’s already overwhelming

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The boys got off to school this morning without too much hassle. Emmett however, is very clearly distressed by all the changes to his routine and schedule. We’re seeing tummy aches and nightmares again already. He loves school but at the same time, it’s very stressful for him. When Emmett… Read more »

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