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We have some really sad news to share 

You may or may not know, I turn 39 years old on Thursday. Aside from this being the last year of my third decade life, there’s a something that’s going to make this day pretty awful.  On Thursday at 2:30 PM, we will be taking our Cleo to the vet again.  It breaks my heart …

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When our pets get sick

This is way off topic but in the context of our lives, it’s relevant. I’ve shared about our cat Cleo, and how she’s not been doing so well. We learned last week that she has Crohn’s disease. I didn’t even know cats could get that.  She’s been having issues with diarrhea for a few months …

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We have a new diagnosis and you won’t believe what it is

It’s been a stressful morning for all of us. We had two appointments this morning before having to get our cat Cleo to the vet again. We were worried that she may need to be put down and that wasn’t something we were prepared for.  We spoke with the kids and explained that she’s most …

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