Meet the ferrets helping my kids with #Autism 

If you’ve been following our story for awhile, you already know how I like to share about the positive impact animals have on my kids with Autism. 

I’ve been raised around animals my whole life and have always benefited from having pets. 

It’s widely known that animals can have a profoundly positive impact on kids with Autism or Special Needs.… Read More

Ferrets – Ferrets – Ferrets

I keep getting requests to see some recent pictures of the ferrets.  We have three ferrets and they have become a very positive influence on our kids. I know that sounds weird but let me explain. 

I guess the easiest way to sum things up is that the ferrets are like service animals and they provide comfort to the boys. They are truly amazing creatures and we love them dearly… ☺ 

The cutest thing you’ll see all day

I wanted to take a second and share something totally adorable because we can all use a smile. This video is very family friendly but I must warn you that there are side effects.

These side effects include but are not limited to an overwhelming urge to add ferrets to your life. ☺️

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We’re having a major problem with one of our ferrets

I talk about our ferrets all the time. They have been amazing for the kids and after a year, the boys spend time with them every single day. 

The ferrets have been amazing at helping the boys better manage their stress and anxieties. They’re adorable and really, really smart. I just didn’t realize how smart they really are.  

Skinny Lemme has been escaping from their pen recently and whole we hadn’t witnessed her physically escaping, we notice she was out because she comes walking right up to us.… Read More

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