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I need to clarify something so please give this a quick read

I wanted to take a minute and do two things. First, I want to thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown over the past few days. We all very much appreciate it. ☺ Secondly, I feel like I need to provide some clarification in regards to the pets we’ve lost over the …

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What we experienced while putting our cat to sleep today

The boys left for my parents house about lunchtime today, and Lizze and I had a quiet afternoon. Neither one of us was looking forward to what 2:30 PM would require us to do. We’ve been dreading this day and the pain we knew it was going to inflict on all of us, but some …

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One reason why this is so heartbreaking for me

The boys have left for my parents house and It feels like a countdown until we head to the vet. This is not how I envisioned spending my birthday. The reason I’m writing is because I wanted to share a letter Elliott wrote yesterday while at school. This is a large part of the reason …

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It seems like the right thing to do

Lizze and I have decided to keep the boys home from school tomorrow. They’re going to be a mess and there’s no benefit to sending them. They will be going to my parents house for the afternoon. That’s not going to take the pain away but they will be much more comfortable there than at …

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The boys are heartbroken

The boys both came home from school today having not eaten anything the whole day. Elliott spent a part of the day crying, as did Emmett. They’re really stressed out about losing Cleo. It hadn’t occurred to me that Elliott and Emmett have never existed without Cleo. She’s been a big part of their lives …

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We’re heartbroken about tomorrow

The whole having to put Cloe down tomorrow is weighing heavy on us. This time tomorrow, we will be heading to the vet and saying our last goodbyes. Lizze is taking this particularly hard because Cleo has always been glued to her for some reason. Cleo is the kind of cat who always seems to …

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