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Yes, it sucked but I feel like I came out on top

The exhaust has been fixed and the car drives silently once again, except for the squealing on the front end.. What I should say is the car no longer rumbles. ☺ They did a great job fixing the exhaust and even welded a new hook in place so if it breaks again it doesn’t drag …

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I’m trying to remain positive

Today’s been a challenge for me on a few levels. We finally were ready to remove Maggie’s kennel from the house and that sucked. Noone wanted to remove it before today and we respected that because we thought it might help them work through things. It seems to have helped and that’s a positive thing. …

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Awesome News :)

Awesome News 🙂 It doesn’t come around all that often so get it while it’s hot… ☺

Why I’m feeling extremely blessed tonight

It’s 2am and I just got off the phone with tech support for my server cause I had a technical issue with this new site. I desperately need the ad revenue, so I can’t afford to have any downtime. I should be sleeping but I’m just not able to at the moment because I’ve got …

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The Best News I’ve Received In Forever

I recently went to dinner with my Dad and my cousin, while the boys were with their Mom for a few hours.  Raising three special needs kiddos on my own doesn’t allow for many night out, so I was excited to have that opportunity.  We went to our favorite Chinese buffet where I ate way …

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Something stinks here :(

I meant to share this last night but it just never happened. I was up all night building this brand new site from scratch. It must have been about 3am when I finally called it quits and went to let Maggie outside before I dragged myself to bed. In hindsight, I’m actually really lucky that …

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