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#Autism and #Legos: Gavin’s latest Creation

Gavin’s been on a Lego kick recently. He’s always loved Legos as he regresses, he has sorta gotten away from them because they were as easy for him to work with anymore. On Saturday afternoon, Gavin spent four hours building this from scratch. This was done completely using his imagination and he was so excited …

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Another Lego creation by Gavin

I’ve no idea what he’s calling this particular masterpiece, but he built it while hanging out with my Mom the other day. She was kind enough to send me a picture and I’m sharing it with you. Gavin in loves sharing pictures of his Lego creations. The little dog next to him is Cleo, the …

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Gavin’s latest Lego Creation

Gavin’s been hard at work on a new Lego creation today. It’s been a long time since he’s been creative like this and I’m thrilled to share a couple pictures with you, per Gavin’s request. ☺ He’s calling this one that Clone Trooper Star Fighter. Can’t imagine where the inspiration came from. 😁

You won’t believe what Gavin built…. 

Check out what Gavin built yesterday. He’s super proud of himself…

Lego creations by Elliott: The Ferret

Elliott and Emmett are both consumed with the idea of getting a ferret. For the record, that’s not happening anytime soon, if ever.  Yesterday afternoon, Elliott created a ferret out of Legos and gave it to me as a present. I was telling the boys about the pet ferret I had when I was in …

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