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Simply put I’m having a kick ass day :)

It’s not every day that I can say this but I’m having a kick ass day. . ☺ Find out why.

I accomplished my main goal for yesterday

It always feels good to accomplish a goal. Here’s what happened. .

Feeling hella motivated today

I woke up today and was dead tired because I was up with Emmett last night. He was super clingy last night and I didn’t sleep well at all.  The boys let me sneak a short nap in before lunch and I’m feeling really good.  I’m taking on the laundry today as well as vacuuming …

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I totally kicked ass today :)

I did such an awesome job today and I’m gonna pat myself on the back for a minute.  The victories began with getting the boys off to school. They did such a great job and I was able to keep everyone moving and motivated.  After dropping the boys off at school, I got my first …

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This morning has been a complete success

So the boys are off to their first day of the new school year. Their Mom and Grandmother stopped by to see them off and snag some pictures.  I got the boys to school and saw them to their respective classrooms before they went to breakfast.  I should probably add that Emmtt was wearing shoes …

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