This morning has been a complete success

So the boys are off to their first day of the new year. Their Mom and Grandmother stopped by to see them off and snag some

I got the boys to school and saw them to their respective classrooms before they went to breakfast. 

I should probably add that Emmtt was wearing . 👍

Emmett has the exact same teachers as last year so he’s really excited and so am I. 

Elliott has all new teachers and so he’s a little hit nervous but mostly excited. He’s upset cause he can’t sleep in anymore but he’ll adjust.  😀

I have to get the boys from school early today because Emmett has at Akron Children’s Hospital this afternoon. It sucks that their first day will be cut short a little bit but Emmett needs the therapy. 

This morning has been a complete success and I couldn’t be prouder. ❤️




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