Today was full of accomplishments

Elliott had his first day back today and it went amazingly well. I say first day back because we moved both Elliott and Emmett back to their old school. They're remote learning instead of distance learning and the experience thus far has been night and day. Emmett is supposed to start Friday, September 4th but we're still waiting on some things to be processed. I'll call in the morning and see what's going on. Maybe he can still get started. The setup is very different than what we've been dealing with these past two weeks. Elliott remotely goes to school four days a week and Emmett will attend remotely, three days a week. The off days are for homework and extra help if needed. Elliott had a great day and…


My oldest son with #Autism is really trying my patience

I'm not going to mince words here. Gavin is driving me crazy and there's no end in sight. He's eighteen years old on the outside and about six years old on the inside. This large age gap between his emotional age and his chronological age has always been problematic. As he gets older, it's becoming more obvious and increasingly frustrating. Gavin's a great kid. He loves his family to the best of his ability, always looking to help around the house and he never gives up or complains about his lot in life. I've raised him as my own since he was about fifteen months old and I see him no differently than I do Elliott or Emmett. Unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder to overlook some of the behaviors…


I made a new rule this week

The boys have been having a pretty good afternoon. I made a new rule and it goes like this. If the boys fight in the car, either to or from school, they forfeit the time on the Xbox or Playstation. So far, I've only had to follow through once and the rest of the time, a simple reminder if things start going the wrong way. The trick is to find something they like more than fighting with each other. It's working right now and I'm happy with that because even if it only works a few times, that's a few more pleasant car rides than it would have been otherwise. ☺


I’m really proud of myself today

I'm feeling good today. We had a good morning, and the kids got off to school with little struggle. I was even able to grab an almost three mile walk this morning as well.  I even made a new breakfast smoothie for after my walk and it was awesome. ☺  This time around, my smoothie consisted of: 1 cup blueberries 1 cup spinach 1 tbsp chia seeds 1 cup of skim milk 1 cup of ice .5 cup plain Greek yogurt 1.25 scoop SlimFast  1 scoop vegan protein powder  It was really good, had tons of protein and came in under my calorie goal for breakfast. It's almost lunch time and I'm not even hungry. ☺  I'm also putting a major focus on water consumption as well. I fell short…


I’m super proud of myself because of the dumbest thing

For the last couple of weeks, all the unwanted attention I receive from chronic sleep deprivation has rendered be useless during the day while the boys are at school. After getting the boys to school, I would come home and basically crash for at least a few hours because I was so exhausted. It's really frustrating for me because I want to sleep and night and not during the day. As an Autism Dad, I have a take what I can when I can, beggars can't be choosers kind of approach to sleep. The reason I'm proud of myself today is because so far,  I've made it without a nap. That hasn't happened in a long time and the crazy thing is I'm feeling pretty damn good right now. Gavin…