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This over stressed single Dad almost gave in tonight 

It may not be a big deal to some but this is a really awesome step forward for me


I have some absolutely amazing news

We just got back from my doctors appointment and I have both amazing news and not so amazing news to share.


Not everyone will get this but I think it’s a pretty awesome victory

I know that sounds lame but do you know if how hard it is to get anything done with 3 kids on the Autism Spectrum?


You don’t know how strong you are until you have no other choice but to be

I just feel I’ve overcome an obstacle, I would never have thought I had the strength to overcome before this.


I’m feeling like a pretty awesome #Autism #Dad today

There are so many times that I doubt myself and question the sanity of whoever thought it was a good idea to make me an Autism Dad. There are also days like today, when I feel like a totally awesome Autism Dad… Here’s why I’m feeling so great today…


I’m feel pretty fricking good right now

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Here’s how my day has gone so far, how I was able to salvage my day and make it a positive one…..


I totally kicked Monday’s ass today :)

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I totally kicked Monday’s ass today 🙂 You won’t believe how much I actually accomplished.. Check it out.. ☺