Here’s why I generally disagree with giving kids with #Autism homework

I’m not gonna lie.  Homework for kids with Autism is all kinds of wrong.  I mean, some kids may do just fine but others really, really …

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#Autism vs #ADHD: I’m not sure which is more challenging for me as a parent

I’m pretty tired still from from you know, my life.  The boys were in good spirits this morning but impossible to keep them on task. It’s …

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It’s time to get brutally honest about #Autism Parenting (pt 2): The Positives

Here’s the follow up to It’s time to get brutally honest about #Autism Parenting (pt 1) from last night.  I encourage you to read

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Autism really kicked my butt this morning

Autism really tends to make things challenging for both myself and my kids touched by it.  This morning was a prime example of that challenge.  …

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My broken heart: This is why we need #Autism Awareness

This is why we need #Autism Awareness


To my readers:

This story began circulating again today. Actually, the edited version I did

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#Autism and #ADHD have totally kicked my ass tonight

We had a really good day today.  We spent some time outside the house and everyone did great.

Unfortunately,  for reasons beyond my understanding, things …

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