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Here’s why I generally disagree with giving kids with #Autism homework

I know this is a controversial subject and everyone has their own opinion but this is why do agree with giving a child with Autism homework, generally speaking anyway.


It’s time to get brutally honest about #Autism Parenting (pt 2): The Positives

In this followup post, I talk about all the positives I’ve experienced as a result of Autism being in my life.


Autism really kicked my butt this morning

It’s been one of those mornings where Autism is impacting so many different things…..


My broken heart: This is why we need #Autism Awareness

Share115 Share35 +17 Tweet5 Pin5Shares 167This is why we need #Autism Awareness   To my readers: This story began circulating again today. Actually, the edited version I did for CNN… Read more »


#Autism and #ADHD have totally kicked my ass tonight

Share12 Share2 Pin1 Tweet +1Shares 15We had a really good day today.  We spent some time outside the house and everyone did great. Unfortunately,  for reasons beyond my understanding, things… Read more »


One of the most important #parenting lessons I’ve learned so far

+13 Pin1 Share Tweet ShareShares 4One of the most important parenting lessons I’ve learned so far  In dealing with my kids over the years, I’ve learned quite a few things…. Read more »


#Autism and a new school year 

      16 Comments on #Autism and a new school year 

+13 Share Tweet Share PinShares 3No one wanted to get up this morning. Elliott doesn’t want to go to school anymore and I’ll explain that later on. Emmett was pretty… Read more »


One of the ways #Autism is challenging in everyday life 

+19 Pin3 Share1 Tweet ShareShares 13One of the more challenging aspects of being a special needs parent to three boys with Autism, is meal times.  I haven’t been able to… Read more »