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The deadline has passed but it’s not too late to help

Share7 Buffer6 Pin3 Share2 +11 Tweet RedditShares 19In the spirit of brutal honesty, I need to let you know that the server fee’s did not get paid by the deadline…. Read more »


Help Keep The Autism Dad Blog online and enter to win a gift box worth $160.00

I’m raising funds to keep the server turned on and my efforts moving forward. To do so, I’m hosting a pretty awesome giveaway, to help give back to my readers…. ☺ please stop by and check it out..


Please Help Support My Efforts

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Tweet4 Share2 Share Reddit Pin +1 BufferShares 6I need my readers help to keep the servers on and these sites continuing to provide support for the #Autism and #SpecialNeedsParenting communities…. Read more »