Thanks to our friends at Dapple for the samples (@dapplebaby) 

I wanted to take a second and thank my friends at Dapple for the samples of their all natural dish washing liquid. 

We’ve just finished up using the third bottle and I have to say that I’ve been really impressed.  Gavin, who likes to do the dishes, has given Dapple Pure N’ Clean two thumbs up and so do I.  

I felt better knowing there aren’t any harsh chemicals and yet it still cleans well.… Read More

Thank you Febreze for the awesome samples and for making my family smell better (Review/Shoutout) @Febreze_Fresh

I want to give a big’ol fat shoutout to Febreze, for kindly sending me their latest press kit, complete with samples. This was for the In Wash Odor Eliminator and it smells really good. 

In the sample kit, it’s just one packet per load of laundry.  I love Febreze and have their products in my car, my outlets, in my cleaning cabinet and now in my laundry room.  ☺

I’ve never found anything that eliminates odor as well as Febreze does. 

Thanks again… ☺


Thank You Snappers for the amazing samples (Review) @SnappersSnack

Let me begin by staying THANK YOU to Snappers for all the samples I received last week.  I get samples from companies all the time but OMG, these were amazing.

If you noticed I used the word were and that’s because they lasted just long enough to take pictures of them and they were devoured by my family. I don’t even have the words to describe how these chocolatey temptations taste.… Read More