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How @LGUS totally saved the day for me and my kids

I just wanted to take a minute and give a shout out to my friends at LG Electronics. We had to replace our TV after about 7 years back in 2018. We would have kept going with what we had but it had finally died. I chose to stick with LG because we had been …

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Thanks to our friends at Dapple for the samples (@dapplebaby) 

Thanks Dapple for the samples of your Pure ‘N Clean Dish Liquid.

Thank you Febreze for the awesome samples and for making my family smell better (Review/Shoutout) @Febreze_Fresh

Thank you Febreze for making my family smell better

Thank You Snappers for the amazing samples (Review) @SnappersSnack

Let me begin by staying THANK YOU to Snappers for all the samples I received last week.  I get samples from companies all the time but OMG, these were amazing. If you noticed I used the word were and that’s because they lasted just long enough to take pictures of them and they were devoured by …

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