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Emmett’s Martial Arts Tournament Results (Tons of Pictures AND Video)

It’s been a long day, but I’ve finally recovered enough to write this post. I’m going to keep this brief and let the pictures/videos do the talking. ☺ Emmett had his martial arts tournament on Saturday morning and it was a pretty awesome experience. I had originally thought this was… Read more »

I’m so proud – Check out the awards my kids earned at school

I want to take a minute and share some awesome achievements the boys have made in school. We have reached the end of the grading period and awards have been given out. They have a little awards ceremony but parents aren’t allowed to be there. That’s sucks cause I’d love… Read more »

Something cool happened in our tank today

I wanted to take a minute and share this because the boys really thought it was cool and frankly, it kinda was. We’re all about our fish tank and we have lots of interesting creatures living in our aquatic ecosystem. We also have two small crayfish in there as well…. Read more »

Why family time is so important to me (25 pictures)

The other day I took the family to the Garden Center. It was relatively nice put and I want everyone to get used to being more active, especially as Spring approaches. Everyone had fun and I was able to take some pictures. Family time like this is so important because… Read more »

How my son with #Autism blew me away tonight

We had a really nice evening. Truth be told, it was actually extremely stressful for me but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some awesome memories made. I’m just going to skip to the end of the day because that’s where the true magic happened. I took Lizze and the boys… Read more »

Have you ever bathed a ferret?

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It’s been a few months since the last time we did this but it was high time to give the ferrets a bath. It’s not recommended that you bathe a ferret more than a few times a year because doing so, can actually make them smell worse. Emmett and I… Read more »

It was a weird day but I finished an awesome project (Check out the pictures)

It was a weird day. The boys made it through the day at school and my Mom picked them up at the end of the day. She was going to take them both to dinner and then to hang out. On the way to her house, Elliott called and wanted… Read more »

Super Adorable Pictures of Our Furbabies

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I wanted to take a few minutes and share some of the latest pictures of our furbabies. Animals are a big part of our life and they play a vital role in the day to day with our kids on the Autism Spectrum. It’s been a long time since I’ve… Read more »

Introducing the newest member to our family

Over the Christmas holiday, we added a member to our family. Her name is Ruby and she’s a two year old Chorkie. We’ve always had two dogs and we’ve only had Maggie since having to rehome Bella, our Boxer because she became extremely aggressive with Maggie. We had no choice,… Read more »

This is what we learned at The Cole Eye Institute today

It’s been an exhausting day full of walking, waiting and driving. Gavin’s final appointment of the day was at The Cole Eye Institute this afternoon. The appointment went well but it took forever. I honestly felt like we had been forgotten. The good news is that Gavin’s eye checked out… Read more »

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