How @LGUS totally saved the day for me and my kids

I just wanted to take a minute and give a shout out to my friends at LG Electronics. We had to replace our TV after about 7 years back in 2018. We would have kept going with what we had but it had finally died.

I chose to stick with LG because we had been very happy with our LG Plasma and the LG LCD before that. I tend to stick with brands that have worked out well for us and we don’t upgrade TV’s very often at all.

Anyway, a couple months ago, our new TV began having problems and it was pretty annoying. I don’t have a great deal of control in my life right now and when I can address something, I prefer to do that, even if it’s just a TV. I understand that may sound shallow or materialistic but that’s not at all where I’m coming from.

I had reached out to LG on Twitter and showed them a picture of what I was seeing. I was just hoping they could explain what it was, because I like to understand things like this. Instead, they requested the serial number and informed me that I was about 6 months out of warranty. That was a bummer but the next thing I know, they informed me that they were scheduling a tech to come out and repair it anyway, as a courtesy.

That was pretty amazing.

For those that don’t know, kids on the Autism Spectrum tend to gravitate towards screens, whether it’s TV or tablets. They have their favorite shows that become part of their routine and disruption to that routine can be catastrophic to daily life. The whole point is that this was bigger than just a malfunctioning TV.

Service arrived about a week or so later, with a brand new OLED panel, to replace the one having issues. The guy that came out was super cool and even did great while be peppered with questions from my 11 year old, who has the mind of an engineer.

As it turns out, the panel was only part of the issue and some of the weirdness was still occurring. It took a few hours for some of the issues to show up again. When the tech left, everything was working.

Notice the blue line running down the right side.

I reached out to the tech, and explained that the white spots were gone (which was good) but the blue line came back. He requested I speak with LG once again to renew the work order. I reached out to LG on Twitter and they renewed the order. The tech that had replaced the panel believed that the main board needed to be replaced.

There was a slight delay in getting the tech out the second time but it wasn’t a huge deal. A week or two later, LG’s social media department called me to let me, to personally let me know the tech had been scheduled.

When the tech arrived to replace the main board, we ultimately discovered the board the was shipped out was defective. He apologized the inconvenience, because he’d had to order a new board and the TV would be down for about a day before he could return to install it.

The kids weren’t happy but a day without TV isn’t exactly a bad thing. It’s harder for families like mine I suppose but in general, less screen time is a good thing.

Anyway, the tech arrived the next day, installed the new board and our TV is like brand new, literally. I received a new OLED panel, main board and power supply. The power supply was a quality check thing I guess. They replaced it in order to run tests to ensure the quality of the power supplies or something to that effect. It was sorta random and nothing to do with our particular problem but I’ll take a new power supply. The only thing original on the TV is the chassis, speakers (which I don’t use anyway) and the stand.

Our TV is working beautifully and we are beyond grateful to my friends at LG for going above and beyond, in order to stand by their product. I’m absolutely impressed with how LG stood by me as a customer and repaired our TV, even though it was out of warranty. At this point in time, I can never see myself buying a TV from a different company. 

Thank you so much for your help LG. I know it’s just a TV but for Autism families like mine, it’s a much bigger deal and I truly appreciate all you’ve done. ☺ ♥

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)