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You Might Be an #Autism Parent if: Can you relate to this feeling?

If you are an Autism parent, there’s a likely chance that you can look at this picture below and relate without put needing a description…

You Might Be An #Autism Parent If: Holy Shit

How many of you can relate to this. If you can, please take a second and Share this with anyone else who might be able to appreciate it.

You Might Be An #Autism Parent If:

With the amount of stress that we face as Autism parents, it’s incredibly important that we retain a sense of humor about life. The purpose of my You Might be an Autism parent if posts is to find some humor in an otherwise overwhelming and frustrating situation. Please feel free to share this post of …

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You might be an #Autism parent is you can relate to any of these

Sometimes a quote can provide enough inspiration to make it through the day. Here’s a bunch of my personal quotes from the past few years that people have really appreciated and I wanted to put them all in one place. Please feel free to share these freely. All I ask is you not modify them …

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You Might Be an #Autism Parent If…..

Please help me pass this around and get circulating. This is something that people need to understand about Autism Parents.

You Might Be An #Autism Parent If: The Little Victories

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