You Might Be An Autism Parent If.........  -

You Might Be An Autism Parent If……… 

As the title states, you might be an Autism parent is you can relate to the picture in the image below. If you can’t, let me explain. 

Tags are the bane of most Autism parents existence. Our kids generally can’t stand these little bastards and we have to cut them out of every single piece of clothing they own. 

My youngest can feel the tag even if it’s in a place when most people wouldn’t even know it was there.  

It’s like the Princess and the pea, in the sense that he’s so hypersensitive that he can feel the tag no matter where it in on the item of clothing. I’ve been cutting tags out of clothes for as long as I can remember because my kids won’t touch them unless the tag has been removed.  ☺️

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