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Depression Confession: Week 1 of Paxil withdrawal

It’s officially the beginning of the second week of withdrawal from Paxil. What I’ve been doing is taking 40 mg/day on one day and then 20 mg/day on the next. I’ve completed the first week of this four week phase and it fucking sucked. You’d think I was withdrawaling from something hardcore and illegal but …

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Depression Confessions: Withdrawaling from #Paxil is a bitch

I’m going to focus on the depression side of my doctor’s appointment this morning and dedicate a second post to the issues with my back. I mentioned in previous Depression Confessions posts, that after much thought and discussion, I’ve decided to begin the process of withdrawaling from the antidepressants I’ve been on for many, many …

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Depression Confessions: 2 weeks into withdrawaling from #Paxil

Depression Confessions exists to help facilitate an open and honest about how depression impacts my life. Depression is different for everyone but there are still many common threads and we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. I’ve been talking about my ongoing war with depression for many years now and it’s a liberating experience. …

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Withdrawaling from #Paxil is causing new problem

This whole withdrawaling from Paxil has been a really difficult journey thus far. The first week of tapering down felt like the worst case of the flu I’ve ever had. It lasted about a week but has since subsided. I thought I was in the clear until the next phase starts in a few weeks. …

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Major Update: The State of my Depression

It’s been awhile since I opened up about my Depression and how I’m doing since discontinuing Paxil. It’s been six months since I began the process of weaning off of Paxil. I never imagined it would as bad as it has been. No one ever warned me that Paxil.has such serious withdrawal symptoms for some …

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Update: How I’m managing my #Depression

As many of you know, I’ve been warring with Depression for most of my life. I talk about managing Depression as an ongoing war because there will be many battles, some I’ll win and some I won’t. Recently, I decided that I needed to get more help in managing my Depression because I was significantly …

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A major milestone in managing my #Depression

After roughly six years or so, I am saying goodbye to a medication that has been helping to manage my depression. It’s been a three month long journey to withdrawal from Paxil, under medical supervision. The journey was a mixed bag of feeling like I was going to die and being okay. I took my …

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Depression Confessions: How the @fisherwallace Stimulator is helping me battle #Depression

UPDATE: I was speaking Chip Fisher, the President of Fisher Wallace Laboratories and received an update on insurance companies that are now covering the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.  I’ll add to the list as I get new information.  Insurance companies currently covering the Fisher Wallace Stimulator: United Healthcare Medicaid in the State of Maine Click Here …

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