Depression Confession: Week 1 of Paxil withdrawal

It’s officially the beginning of the second week of withdrawal from Paxil. What I’ve been doing is taking 40 mg/day on one day and then 20 mg/day on the next. I’ve completed the first week of this four week phase and it fucking sucked.

You’d think I was withdrawaling from something hardcore and illegal but it’s just an antidepressant called Paxil.

I’ve received tons of messages from people who have gone through the same thing and understand how awful it is. I really appreciate all the feedback and support. Many people can withdrawl from Paxil without any issues whatsoever and there are others, like myself, who go through horrible withdrawal. It feels like the worst flu I’ve ever had.

Having said all that, I seem to have come through the first of phase of withdrawal symptoms and survived. I haven’t felt sick since Sunday, which suggests that these highly unpleasant symptoms last about a week or so.

Hopefully, this means the next three weeks will be easier and symptom free.

I expect to go through this once again beginning in week five (Phase 2) when my dose will be reduced again. At least I have some idea of what to expect this time around and knowing I survived it the first time, will help me the second time.

It could always be worse and I’m so grateful that hasn’t been, at least thus far.

I’m feeling very optimistic about this whole thing and I’ve been more motivated lately, than what has been typical of me in recent times. I’ve spent the afternoon cleaning and I feel good about that. ☺

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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