Review: The Guardian Helmet for #Seizures, #Autism and #Epilepsy

This review is sponsored by Guardian Helmets. They were kind enough to send over a Guardian Helmet for me to check out, write about, and hopefully raise some awareness. ☺

The purpose of this post is to bring a product to your attention that may be of benefit to some of my readers. This was a bit more difficult to review because this isn’t something that my kids require. As a result, I’ve decided to simply present you with the information, give my thoughts on the build quality, discuss the potential use scenarios and leave it up to you, as to whether or not it’s something that will benefit your family.

Guardian Helmets produces a protective helmet for kids and adults that helps protect them from traumatic brain injury. There are a great many people out there at risk due to things like Autism related head banging, seizure related injuries and others with special needs that are prone to head injury.

Guardian Helmets lists the uses as:

  • Reducing impact during Autism Head Banging
  • As a general Autism Helmet
  • Use as an Epilepsy Helmet or Epileptic Helmet
  • Use as a general Seizure Helmet
  • Traumatic brain injury neuro-rehabilitation
  • Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders
  • Autism with self-injury behaviors (head-banging)
  • Use as a Soft Helmet for Special Needs
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Sensory and motor development rehabilitation
  • Cerebral Palsy and other movement and balance disorders
  • Safety helmet
  • For use if you are experiencing symptoms of a seizure for general seizure precautions
  • Helmet for special needs and other related disabilities

Like I’ve already said, this isn’t a challenge that my family personally deals with, but my heart goes out to all those who do. As a former paramedic, I very clearly understand the need for protective equipment like this, and how it can help to reduce or prevent traumatic brain injury.

I would describe this as a soft helmet, as apposed to one with a hard outer shell. The quality of the material seems very good. I haven’t noticed any issues with stitching or seams, and I’m a stickler for things like that.

Having tried it on myself, I can say that it’s surprisingly comfortable.

The helmet itself is molded out of the finest EVA rubber foam and offers maximum protection from impact or falls. It’s machine washable and comes in sizes appropriate for infants, toddlers, youth, adolescents, teens, adults and the elderly. It also comes in multiple colors as well.

Please see the pictures below. (Elliott was kind enough to model the Guardian Helmet for me.)

If you are interested in checking out the Guardian Helmet, you can do so by clicking here. Having done a Google search for helmets fitting this particular description, I would say that the Guardian Helmet is reasonably priced at $140.95 each. You can obviously find something cheaper on Amazon but when dealing with as important as this, you want to be very careful what you purchase, as it’s literally protecting your child or loved one.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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