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Positive changes in my body since stopping #Paxil

We just got back from this afternoon’s appointments and it’s been a super long day so far but I’ve made it this long. ☺ It occurred to me that I’ve talked in detail about the side effects from Paxil withdrawal that I’ve been dealing with but not the positive changes in my body since discontinuing …

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People have been asking my advice on withdrawaling from #Paxil and here it is

I’m not feeling good but for the first time in months, I woke up and didn’t feel like I needed to vomit. I’m not nearly 100% but I’m getting there. Quite a few people have been reaching out in regards to my journey and seeking advice about starting theirs. Coming off of Paxil or any …

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I love the way my kid thinks

Emmett has found something new to amuse himself with and it’s the oddest thing. A few years ago, I received a ton of odd products to review. They were sorta random and in this bunch of random products was a really tiny scale. I’m not sure exactly what it’s meant for but I always envisioned …

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I’ve been off #Paxil for a month and the nausea is still a problem

It’s been about a month since I took my final dose of Paxil. To say it’s been an easy process would be a boldface lie. Frankly, it’s been an absolute nightmare. Slowly lowering my dose over 90 days was rough but it didn’t truly suck until the Paxil was completely out of my system. Having …

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: My nightmarish withdrawal from #Paxil has taken an unexpected turn

Yesterday, I told you that Gavin’s appointment with Dr. Reynolds went fine. What I didn’t tell you was that I had a chance to talk to him about my current struggles with coming off of Paxil. I also wanted to update you all as well because I think it’s been a little while since a …

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This is what withdrawing from #Paxil is doing to me

I wanted to touch base and let you guys know where I’ve been. Since last Thursday, I’ve been really, really struggling both physically and emotionally. I was doing pretty good, or so I thought. For most of the last 90 days or so, I was going okay. I would feel changes each time my dose …

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#Depression Confessions: 3 weeks into withdrawaling from #Paxil

Today marks the first day of the last week of the first four week phase of withdrawaling from Paxil. Did you get all that? lol There are four phases of withdrawaling from Paxil. The first two are each four weeks long. The last two are two weeks each. I’m officially beginning the final week of …

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UPDATE: 4 days into withdrawaling from #Paxil

I’m officially on day four of withdrawaling from Paxil and so far, so good. I’ve been slowly tapering down by rotating between my regular dose and half of my regular dose. As of now, I’m not having any problems but honestly, I’m not noticing anything because it will take about four and a half to …

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