Impressive artwork by Emmett

The other day, Emmett brought this picture home from school. I guess he drew this during his free time and wanted to share it.  I'm impressed with this because he drew a 3D block and then drew it pulled apart, in 3D. That takes some insight into how to manipulate 3D objects and then draw them based on what he sees in his head. ☺ 


1 amazing piece of artwork by Elliott

Lizze and I had the pleasure of seeing a really awesome piece of artwork that Elliott had done at school today. He didn't talk much about it but Lizze and I knew right away what this was a picture of. This is a picture of Zane, our albino ferret.  Zane is the youngest of the bunch and also the only male.  The boys have just been fascinated because of how different Zane looks from his sisters. They love Zane to pieces, as they do Lemme and Fat Tiny. Lately, Elliott's been doing quite a bit of art based activities in his free time. I'm really excited about this because it allows him to express himself without even realizing he's doing it..  ☺ Feel free to leave your positive feedback in…