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The results of Emmett’s first school project for the new school year

Pin1 Share1 Reddit Buffer Tweet +1 ShareShares 2Today, Emmett brought home the results of the first school project he took on this year. He ended up doing very well.  … Read more »


Killing time at therapy today with art

This is how Elliott killed time while waiting for his brother today


This not their fault but it’s frustrating as hell 

Autism and sleep trouble go hand in hand… I’m losing my mind tonight


Check out Elliott’s latest inspired work of art

Please stop by and check out Elliott’s latest inspired work of art


10 Pictures My Son with #Autism Drew and Wants To Share

Check out 10 Pictures that my teenage son with Childhood Disintegrative Disorder drew and find out why they are so amazing… Please help him share his art… ☺


Some ocean artwork by Emmett

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Come check out Emmett’s latest artistic masterpiece…..


My teen with #Autism shares 10 pictures he’s sketched (Series 2)

My 16 year old with #Autism wants to share some of his sketches with you (10 in all). Check them out and share it with anyone who might appreciate it as well. ☺


#Autism and Art: Gavin’s Artwork Series 1 of 5

Buffer7 Share6 Pin3 +12 Share2 Tweet RedditShares 20 20160413_142624_wm ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 10 It’s been awhile since I’ve had any artwork to share and I was… Read more »


Awesome Art by Elliott: The Ender Dragon

Check out Elliott’s latest and greatest Minecraft inspired picture… ☺