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The results of Emmett’s first school project for the new school year

Today, Emmett brought home the results of the first school project he took on this year. He ended up doing very well.  

Apparently, this project was in regards to habitats. 

Part of this was done working on an individual … Read More

Killing time at therapy today with art

Elliott did pretty well today while waiting for Emmett to finish up with his Functional Independence Group. The ladies at the front desk provided him with some paper to draw on and that’s exactly what he did.  

Below you … Read More

This not their fault but it’s frustrating as hell 

I wish the kids would just go to bed. Kids with Autism tend to have sleep problems and aside from sleep aids like Melatonin, there isn’t much that can be done.  

Tonight’s been one of those times where nothing … Read More

Check out Elliott’s latest inspired work of art

On the last day of school, Elliott came home with this amazing work of art.

He’s been hugely into sharks lately and so a large part of his artwork has been reflecting that interest.

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