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Emmett baked cupcakes yesterday

Emmett has been back in the kitchen baking up a storm. He baked strawberry swirl cupcakes and topped them with diced licorice. They were delicious. I was able to exercise some self control and only had two. I’m actively avoiding things like this but I also want to sample what my kids take the time …

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I’m so proud of my kids

I thought this was really cool and wanted to share before getting lost in my day. As you may or may not know, Elliott and Emmett have found that they love cooking and baking. Elliott’s likes to cook and Emmett likes to bake. They both picked these up during COVID lockdown and do a really …

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My son baked a double layer cake

I meant to share this the other day and I forgot. I wanted to get this out there because there’s so much negative right now, it’s even more important to focus on the glimmers or positive moments. I shared the other day that Emmett had baked cutout cookies, all by himself. He did amazing and …

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I think I’ve created a monster

The boys have become very fond of baking and they are wanting to do so every single day. It’s a bit much and while I’m excited they are trying new things, I think I’ve created little baking monsters. 😂 Yesterday, Emmett decided he wanted to bake brownies and that he wanted them to be chewy. …

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My kids are learning to cook

Okay. I’m really trying to get back into writing more about our daily lives. There’s a ton of things I don’t talk about because I just lack the energy to put those experiences into words. I’m seeking to change that and as season 3 of the podcast comes to a close, I have more time …

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