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We just can’t catch a break

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After I finally got the kids to sleep last night, I ran into another mini-crisis. Out of nowhere, Gavin wakes up sobbing because his back and neck hurt so bad that he couldn’t go back to sleep.  I woke Lizze up. It took her and I both, to calm Gavin… Read more »

The good news and the bad news

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Okay folks, we have a mishmash of things to share tonight, but I’ll be brief.  I’ll start with the good news.The boys are all asleep, and in their own beds. That’s a major victory right there. Unfortunately, I’m still awake because I can’t sleep for some reason.  At bedtime, Emmett… Read more »

Bad News 

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I’m only going to take a few minutes cause I have to get back to what I was doing.  Lizze and I had a total break of about two hours or so today. While I’m grateful for that time, it was too short. Unfortunately, Elliott needed to be picked up… Read more »

3 items are helping my son with #Autism gain independence  

I’ve spoken about this a few times before, but I wanted to share something we’ve done, to help our low functioning teenager with Autism, gain a bit more independence. Gavin is seventeen years old and struggles in most areas of his life. He’s unable to remember things, and his cognitive… Read more »