We just can’t catch a break

After I finally got the kids to sleep last night, I ran into another mini-crisis. Out of nowhere, Gavin wakes up sobbing because his back and neck hurt so bad that he couldn't go back to sleep.  I woke Lizze up. It took her and I both, to calm Gavin down. The only thing we could do was give him an Advil and try to get him back to sleep.  He did eventually go back to sleep, and when he woke up this morning he was feeling better. We have no idea what caused his pain last night but suspect that perhaps he was sleeping in a weird position.  Lizze let me sleep this morning and she got up with the boys. Actually, she pulled the wife card and ordered…


The good news and the bad news

Okay folks, we have a mishmash of things to share tonight, but I'll be brief.  I'll start with the good news.The boys are all asleep, and in their own beds. That's a major victory right there. Unfortunately, I'm still awake because I can't sleep for some reason.  At bedtime, Emmett still had a fever but I'm not sure about Elliott because I forgot to check. At this point in time, no one is getting any worse but still miserable.  As for the bad news, Gavin went to bed with a really bad stomach. He'd been fighting it on and off today but it got really bad during his IVIG infusion tonight. He's pretty freaked out about puking and that made it worse.  Thankfully, he's currently sleeping and I'm going to…


Bad News 

I'm only going to take a few minutes cause I have to get back to what I was doing.  Lizze and I had a total break of about two hours or so today. While I'm grateful for that time, it was too short. Unfortunately, Elliott needed to be picked up because he was really sick.  He went downhill quickly. Fever, chills, cough and congestion.  Elliott is finally resting comfortably on the love seat and I'm trying to get comfortable on the couch. Lizze went to bed a couple hours ago and I'll be in the living room with my sick kiddo...  Who needs a break anyway.????


3 items are helping my son with #Autism gain independence  

I've spoken about this a few times before, but I wanted to share something we've done, to help our low functioning teenager with Autism, gain a bit more independence. Gavin is seventeen years old and struggles in most areas of his life. He's unable to remember things, and his cognitive ability is in a slow, unending decline. One of the things that we've recently done to help him better manage his daily life, weekly schedule and bedtime routine, is introduce some home automation into his room. I've been working on automating our home over the last year or so. For whatever reason, Gavin was resistant to being included in this process but a few days ago, he decided he'd like to give it a try and that's pretty exciting because…