Why I’ve had a change of heart about #Autism Awareness month

As one ages through life, one tends to gain wisdom and insight that they were previously lacking. What I mean by wisdom is learning from one’s past and gaining insights into different ways of thinking.

I’m absolutely no exception to this, and I want to share something that I’ve recently had a change of heart about.

We …

3 items are helping my son with #Autism gain independence  

I’ve spoken about this a few times before, but I wanted to share something we’ve done, to help our low functioning teenager with Autism, gain a bit more independence.

Gavin is seventeen years old and struggles in most areas of his life. He’s unable to remember things, and his cognitive ability is in a slow, unending decline.…

How automating the lights in my house helps my son with #Autism to sleep

If you’re a regular reader, you know about all the struggles we face in regards to sleep with two of our three kids with Autism. The biggest challenge over the years, has been with Emmett. 

We’ve never been able to really nail down what his issues were related to, and we’ve only been met with sporadic success …

#Autism families are sharing about how @VivintGivesBack has improved their lives and given them peace of mind

For a while now, I’ve been talking about how I use the home automation/security system I received from the Vivint Gives Back Project to keep my kids with Autism safer.

You can read all about my experiences by clicking here.

I thought it might be beneficial for you to see what other families are saying about …

Talking safety and peace of mind for special needs families

As many of you know by now, I’m working very closely with Vivint, and the Vivint Gives Back Project. I’m also intimately involved with Guardian Locate, and we are partnered with Project Lifesaver International.

This puts me in a unique position to help your voices be heard.

I would like to know specifically, what …

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