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A Very Important Announcement

It’s come to my attention that someone is stealing pictures of both myself and my kids, and using them to create fake social media accounts. They’re using these account to impersonate me and harass people. I’m getting tons of messages from people letting me letting me know they have been approached by this person. First …

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I finally have some really awesome news to share

I want to take a second and share some good news. Facebook has verified my account and I now have the much sought after blue check mark next to my profile picture where ever it appears throughout Facebook. I’m now verified on both Facebook and Twitter. It’s so cool and I’m really excited because it …

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Why are people such assholes?

I’m one of those people who believes that humanity is inherently good. I think that the majority of people are good souls, regardless of disability, race, ethnicity, religion, gender sexual orientation or gender identity. No one will ever convince me otherwise. Having stated my default outlook on life, I’m not oblivious to all the assholes, …

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I’m so angry and I need to vent

I’m really frustrated tonight and much as I try to not succumb to the negative feelings, I’m unable to at this point. I put so much time, energy, heart and soul into this blog. While I’m able to help support my family through ads and sponsored posts, the main purpose has always been to help …

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