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I Need to Find an Attorney ASAP

It’s been a really long night. I want to explain and at the same time, make an important announcement as well. I began my blogging journey over ten years ago with Lost and Tired. Eventually rebranded to The Autism Dad during my first separation in 2014 because I was starting a new journey. Eventually, I …

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Here’s what’s up with my @GoFundMe and how you can help

I shared this information on the GoFundMe page itself but I wanted to share it here as well. Additionally, I’ve provided a breakdown of everything as well. Please do not feel obligated to contribute, but if you can, and want to, please follow the link to and do so. Visit the GoFundMe. Recently, my kids …

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Let’s get a couple of f*cking things straight right now

I need to make a couple things very clear. When I said that I would not tolerate any negative comments pertaining to my family’s current situation, I meant it. If you leave a negative comment, I will block you from leaving any further comments. I haven’t asked for anyone’s opinion, judgments, rude comments or marriage …

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My 16 Year Marriage Has Ended and I’m Devastated

The kids will remain with me at home full-time and we will find a way to move forward. We have a hugely supportive family on both sides and for that I’m grateful.

I Really Need Your Help

Please support my efforts and my family by sharing and visiting often. Every visit literally helps.. ☺

You may have noticed some changes around here

You may have noticed some changes to the site over the last couple of days. I’m pretty excited about these changes because some of them hold special meaning to me. The most obvious is the theme I’m using. I’ve been using the same theme for most of The Autism Dad’s existence. Contrary to everyone in …

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