Here’s what happened

It’s been a few days and there are a few reasons for that. The biggest however, is that this site went down and it took me almost three days to fix it. I’m still not sure what happened but I’ve rebuilt from the ground up and I think everything is in the exact same place it was before.

I’ve been extremely frustrated since this while thing began and I dislike not knowing what’s actually wrong.… Read More

I invite you to join my blogroll

I want to create a new database of special needs parenting related sites, blogs, news, and even shops. For that matter, I’m happy to share links to any appropriate site including parenting, family and tech sites.

I had an extensive list while running  Lost and Tired but have lost that entire database backup.

All you need to do is simply fill out the contact form below with the following:

  1. Name
  2. Email address (kept private)
  3. Full URL for your site
  4. A brief description of what your site is about

All I ask in return is that you add my link to your site as well.Read More

General Update: There’s been a change

I’m constantly looking to improve the user interface of this site. Being able to navigate things without struggle, is really important to a high traffic site. 

With that said, I must announce a recent change that you may or may not have already noticed. 

The commenting system is back to disqus. I hate changing commenting systems but I’ve and the toughest time with stability issues.… Read More

Here’s some exciting news

I just wanted to take a second and share a bit of exciting news. 

I’ve been working really hard to get this blog back to where Lost and Tired was, prior to retiring it. It’s been a long journey and I’ve struggled quite a bit. I’ll probably continue to struggle at times as I continue to move forward. 

Having said that, things have begun to pick up and while some of these things have no impact on income, in many ways they’re better. 

I’m booked for several different podcasts in the coming weeks.… Read More

Here’s what happened tonight 

Lizze and I had a really quiet night tonight. We caught up on some shows and just enjoyed the stress free time. 

While Lizze was sleeping, I made some major progress on bringing the My Autism Help Forums back online and a part of The Autism Dad site. You’ll notice a new tab at the top of this page called Forums.Read More

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