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Six Scoops and God Only Knows How Many Carbs but Zero Regrets

Since becoming a single parent for the second time 2 years ago, I’ve tried to really put a focus on family time because my kids felt like their family had shattered. Consistency is so important with kids because it helps them to feel safe and loved. One of the things that I wanted to do …

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Why family time is so important to me (25 pictures)

The other day I took the family to the Garden Center. It was relatively nice put and I want everyone to get used to being more active, especially as Spring approaches. Everyone had fun and I was able to take some pictures. Family time like this is so important because it helps us all to …

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I’m surprising my wife and kids tonight

I’m taking the family to see the final Maze Runner movie tonight. We have seen the first two, and everyone is dying to see the new one. Unfortunately, we have to get to an evening showing but it will be so cool to go out as a family. It will end up being a late …

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