I took the kids on an adventure…sort of

The kids and I had a pretty good afternoon. I wanted to take the them hiking and ultimately decided on the John T Huston - Dr John D Brumbaugh Nature Center. It was about a 30 minute drive but it was pretty amazing. We'd never been there before and didn't know what to expect. My main goal was to get them some exercise and keep them distracted for a little while. Our hike only lasted about 2 miles cause we were concerned about running out of daylight. The kids did great and there was a lot of elevation change throughout the hike, so it was a bit more difficult than they're used to. We had a lot of fun and everyone is exhausted. Sleep should be good tonight. On the…


My kids should have fun today and that makes me happy

We have a pretty fun day planned. Emmett has a birthday party to attend and Elliott and Gavin are welcome to attend as well. We're ready to go as soon as the laundry is done and it will be done in plenty of time. The kids don't have a visit this weekend because we're trying to work into a more regular schedule. This is a very complicated situation and not easy to navigate. It's very important that we get the kids on a regular schedule as soon as possible. Beyond that, I think I'll take the kids hiking tomorrow, assuming the weather holds up. I'm trying to keep them as active as possible and that's taking some creativity. The only thing everyone can typically agree on is hiking. If I…

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I found a great way to disconnect and spend time as a family

I want to end the day on a positive note, by sharing something cool that the boys and I did as a family. A large part of this was Emmett and myself. Frankly, Emmett was the muscle behind this puzzle. ☺ Emmett is huge into things like board games and puzzles. He really enjoys doing these things as a family but unfortunately, not everyone else does. Recently, Emmett has become fascinated with puzzles, especially those with hundreds of pieces and complicated pictures. I ordered him one off of Amazon and it was delivered on Sunday. 4.5 out of 5 stars  60ReviewsBuffalo Games - Cats Collection - Sweet Shop Kittens - 750 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle We worked on it for a little while Sunday night and it even attracted the attention of…


This 1 single decision, turned our entire day around for the better

On multiple levels, it's been an absolutely exhausting day. I found myself dealing with a great deal of frustration all morning. I spent hours on the phone trying to get Gavin's IVIG infusion medication situation resolved and it seems like it's been resolved. See: We finally figured out why Gavin has NOT been able to get his life saving medication and you won’t believe the reason By the time I got through all that stuff, I was heading down a path of anger and I really didn't want to go there. Getting everything resolved was a very good thing but it's been an exhausting, scary and frustrating process. It just all came to a head this morning and I became angry because Gavin had to go through all of this.…


This goes in the win column

We managed to beat the bad weather this afternoon and sneak in a a roughly 30 minute walk. It's the first family walk we've gone on in at least a week. One of my goals this summer is to get the kids out walking at least a few times a week. We are going to explore some of the Stark Park hiking trails in order to keep things interesting. Everyone did great while we were out. Not only that, but it was a device-less walk as well. That means there was no Pokémon hunting being done. The boys were outside, not playing video games and enjoying the weather. ☺ I'm going to stick this right into the win column..


It was a really bad migraine day

It's been a rough day for Lizze. She always has a migraine but there are days where it's way worse than others. The weather's been changing over the last 24 hours and that tends to make things much worse for her. The boys and I spent the late afternoon/early evening at my sister's house for another family cookout. Lizze was in one of those places where light was her enemy because it made the migraine worse. She stayed behind, closed the curtains and benefited from the quiet. She was missed but everyone understood and wished her well. I hate seeing her like this and pray that her new neurologist is able to not only get her in sooner but actually help with the migraines. Nothing up until this point has…


I took the boys and the dog on a hike today

This afternoon I took the boys and Ruby to the park. We ended up going on a hike that took us about two miles. Lizze is battling the same migraine she's had for about 7ish years now. It's been a rough weekend for her and so we let her sleep. We learned one big thing along the way and that's Ruby definitely need some work when it comes to walking on the leash. Maybe I should consider getting one of these for our next hike? Lol


This was very last minute

Elliott is sick. Emmett and Gavin are in Y-Town visiting my grandmother. Them going in the trip was sorta last minute but we figured it would do them some good to get out of the house and we could use the break. ☺ I sent Lizze to take a nice long, guilt free nap, and I hung out with Elliott. We ordered her favorite pizza for dinner and will be endulging on that as soon as it arrives. Things are tight right now but we got Lizze a Google Play gift card and a stuffed penguin for Mother's Day. She's never really been a huge flowers person, so this stuff was perfect. The kids won't be home for a few hours and the three of us will just hang out…