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This 1 single decision, turned our entire day around for the better

On multiple levels, it’s been an absolutely exhausting day. I found myself dealing with a great deal of frustration all morning. I spent hours on the phone trying to get Gavin’s IVIG infusion medication situation resolved and it seems like it’s been resolved. See: We finally figured out why Gavin… Read more »

This goes in the win column

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We managed to beat the bad weather this afternoon and sneak in a a roughly 30 minute walk. It’s the first family walk we’ve gone on in at least a week. One of my goals this summer is to get the kids out walking at least a few times a… Read more »

It was a really bad migraine day

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It’s been a rough day for Lizze. She always has a migraine but there are days where it’s way worse than others. The weather’s been changing over the last 24 hours and that tends to make things much worse for her. The boys and I spent the late afternoon/early evening… Read more »

I took the boys and the dog on a hike today

This afternoon I took the boys and Ruby to the park. We ended up going on a hike that took us about two miles. Lizze is battling the same migraine she’s had for about 7ish years now. It’s been a rough weekend for her and so we let her sleep…. Read more »

This was very last minute

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Elliott is sick. Emmett and Gavin are in Y-Town visiting my grandmother. Them going in the trip was sorta last minute but we figured it would do them some good to get out of the house and we could use the break. ☺ I sent Lizze to take a nice… Read more »

We had such a good time tonight

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We had a really fun time with the whole family last night. We spent the evening celebrating Mother’s Day with my parents and siblings. We haven’t all been in the same place at the same time in a really long time. It was awesome. The boys did really well but… Read more »

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