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Tons of awesome pics from this week’s snowday

The boys got a relatively rare chance to play outside in the snow. Normally we avoid being outside in the yard due to safety concerns associated with our neighborhood. It’s been pretty quiet lately and Lizze and I were right there with them the whole time. It was really awesome… Read more »

I need to make sure Gavin’s okay

Lizze has a doctor’s appointment today and I’m thinking about making the boys walk the track with me while we’re waiting for her. The boys and I will have about an hour to kill and that’s more than enough time to take a trip around the track. The signals bad… Read more »

Not everyone would appreciate movie night at our house

We had a pretty nice evening. It was decided that we should have a family movie night, although no one could agree on a movie. After a wee bit of drama and complaining, I made the executive decision that we would be watch The Martian…  Movies with my family usually… Read more »

Today’s Victory: Quite a few stops to fix his shoes

I took the boys to the park for another mile or so of Pokémon Go. Lizze stayed behind because of her feet. She thinks they’re beginning to feel better and doesn’t want to overdue it.  Considering how hot it was, how many people were at the park, and their very… Read more »

Emmett took the lead, and the cart

Yesterday, after all the OT fun, I took the family to the park. While we were there, a nice lady offered to take our picture for us. That was super nice of her. ☺  After we got done exploring the Garden Center, it was time to hit the grocery store… Read more »

One way I’m keeping my kids with #Autism active 

I’m trying to keep the boys as active as possible this summer. I want them to develop healthier habits, because it will be easier for them to maintain a healthier lifestyle as they get older.  Right now Gavin’s receiving his IVIG infusion, and depending on how he’s doing afterwards, we… Read more »

That’s a BIG if

The boys are having a pretty decent day today. Emmett seems to be feeling better but is as indecisive as ever. Gavin’s been chilling out in his room, maybe on a mission or just playing his tablet.  Elliott’s been really quiet. He wants to do something, but everything he wants… Read more »