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It worked out for the best

Yesterday, we had a chance to get out of the house and we cautiously took advantage of it. We decided to head out to Quail Hollow for a little while. It’s about a 20 minute drive and we have to judge the situation once we get there as to whether it’s safe or not. We …

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We had an adventure today

I’m really tired but I wanted to share our adventure from today because it was a very big step for Gavin. I took the kids out to Quail Hollow because we all needed to get some exercise and I was hoping that do to the size of the park, it wouldn’t be very crowded. Unfortunately, …

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Breaking the monotony of lockdown with some backyard fun

The boys and I have been working on setting up a fire pit in our yard. We’re cleaning out the back half, and building an area were we can spend time together and sorta feel like we’re escaping all this insanity. Our first planned fire is this Friday. We have to register with the city …

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Finding ways to unplug and spend time together

There’s nothing quite like spending time with my kids. I’m lucky enough to be in their lives on the daily and I’m always looking for ways to engage with them that doesn’t require a screen. Our latest foray in this unplugged lifestyle, has found us working in puzzles. There’s nothing quite like spending a rainy …

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Hopefully we can pull this off today

I don’t know what we’re doing today for sure but Lizze wants to go walking. That’s a very good sign for her because she’s normally in so much pain that walking isn’t in the cards. The boys have requested that we go all the way out to Quail Hallow but I don’t know if Lizze …

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If I gave you 100 guesses, you’d never guess what we’ll be doing today

Something interesting, exciting and a bit nerve-wracking happened today. While we were at the Akron Zoo, the executive director of Wishes Can Happen say down to speak with us. We were meeting her for the first time and it was a very pleasant visit. ☺ During the visit, she asked if we would be interested …

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