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Wishes Can Happen Granted My Son’s Biggest Wish (All The Pictures)

I wanted to put all the pictures from our Wishes Can Happen trip to Give Kids the World in one place. People have suggested putting everything in one place because it’s easier to view them all and refer back to if need be.

A tour of our Give Kids the World condo (@GKTWVillage)

I meant to share this eariler but it was on a different phone and I just dug it out. This video is a quick tour of the condo we lived in for six days while we stayed at Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee, Florida. Perhaps someone will be heading down and would like …

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Wishes Can Happen: Houston we might have a problem

Things were going really well, especially considering all the issues associated with taking three kids with Autism on a fifteen or twenty hour cross country car ride. There are a few things that have proven to be understandably problematic but that’s for another post. Unfortunately, Elliott is getting sick and at present is running a …

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One small but important hiccup with our trip

We received a phone call from Give Kids the World this morning. They were calling to make sure we didn’t have any questions and to help calm any nervousness we may be feeling about the trip. I learned a bit more about how everything works and gained some further insight in how to prepare for …

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