Wishes Can Happen: Pictures from Universal Studios (Day 4)

We had a pretty awesome day, and spent a large part of it at Universal Studios. We were very realistic about the kids limitations and rather than trying to create in as much as we could, we instead focused on what everyone wanted most. Our priority was everything Harry Potter and we managed to do just that. The weather was really crappy and it rained most of the time but that didn't stop us from making the most of our opportunity. Lizze and the boys picked out their official Harry Potter wands and aside from almost having a stroke when I paid for them, it was such an amazing thing to see the looks on their faces as they swished and flicked. ☺ We spent a few hours walking around…

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We’re heading off to Universal Studios today

We're going to be heading off to Universal Studios today. Everyone wants to see the Harry Potter stuff and buy their very own Harry Potter wand. The boys are in a pretty good mood this morning, with the exception of Elliott. He's being super grouchy and uncooperative. Part of that is he's still feeling rundown but the rest of it is anxiety/Autism, with a smidgen of pre-teen drama. I'm hoping everything works out today. It should be fun and I'm feeling pretty good about the balance were striking between time at the parks and time at the condo. ☺