Wishes Can Happen: Houston we might have a problem

Wishes Can Happen: Houston we might have a problem

Things were going really well, especially considering all the issues associated with taking three kids with Autism on a fifteen or twenty hour cross country car ride. There are a few things that have proven to be understandably problematic but that’s for another post.

Unfortunately, Elliott is getting sick and at present is running a fever over 101.1°F.

I’m not sure it’s anything more than a headcold or possibly an upper respiratory thing. He’s coughing, has a runny nose, sore throat and the above mentioned fever. I’m not sure what to do about this because we don’t want to expose any of these kids to something. Some of the kids here are obviously very sick and the last thing we want to do is pass anything along to them.

I’m pretty sure it’s a cold and the cough/sore throat is because of nasal drip but I’m going to call the office here anyway.

Truthfully, Elliott looks pretty rundown. This sorta creeped up since returning from Legoland. He was stuffy since yesterday and we thought it was allergies. The fever didn’t hit until a couple hours ago.

I need to make a few calls and at least find out if we need to do anything.

UPDATE: Just as I was publishing this, I received a call from Guest Services. They were calling all the families to ensure everyone was doing okay and didn’t have any questions. I was able to explain what was going on and they said not to worry about it, but offered to help if we needed anything for Elliott. Things like colds are everywhere and unavoidable. They’re worried about things like Chicken Pox or Hand Foot and Mouth disease. Something like that and you’ll be asked to leave the village for obvious reasons.

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