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I’m so proud of him

I had a conversation with someone today (did a video about it here) and I remembered a bit more about why I started doing everything I do. It was a reminder to me that while evolution and growth can be positive things, it's important to stay true to your roots. I've been thinking alot about this today and I'm feeling inspired to want to make some changes to how I write. My concern for privacy hasn't and won't change, so there are parts of our lives that are simply off limits. That doesn't mean I can't share the cool things my kids are doing and obstacles they've overcome along the way. I've gotten away from this since I became a single Dad a few years back and honestly, I'm not…


My #autistic son gave himself a haircut today

I know some of you may not get how unbelievably awesome this is but I'm sure you'll be excited for Gavin nonetheless. Gavin has made it very clear that he wants to live with peers or other people his age, likely walking a similar path in life. Lizze and I have been talking about this and I feel this is a hugely positive thing, as does she. The challenge is how to navigate this and whether or not Gavin can handle it. Actually, it's more like how much independence is he capable of without serious safety concerns. Obviously, nothing can or will happen until we're in a post COVID world but that doesn't mean I can't work with Gavin to help him reach his potential while we wait. This morning,…

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