I couldn’t be prouder

I want to remind all the parents out there to never lose hope. This will be very short and I feel like the picture says it all. My kids have been in a charter school for kids on the spectrum, since kindergarten. The idea of mainstreaming seemed scary and frankly, impossible at times. I always pushed the idea aside thinking I was doing what was best for my kids. I genuinely felt I was doing what was best. Fast forward to Elliott's sophomore year at the charter school and he became the target of bullying that was relentless and not handled well by the school at first. He decided that he wanted to transfer high schools, more than 3/4 of the way through the year. I wasn't very comfortable with…

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I’m so proud of him

I had a conversation with someone today (did a video about it here) and I remembered a bit more about why I started doing everything I do. It was a reminder to me that while evolution and growth can be positive things, it's important to stay true to your roots. I've been thinking alot about this today and I'm feeling inspired to want to make some changes to how I write. My concern for privacy hasn't and won't change, so there are parts of our lives that are simply off limits. That doesn't mean I can't share the cool things my kids are doing and obstacles they've overcome along the way. I've gotten away from this since I became a single Dad a few years back and honestly, I'm not…