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Review of the @Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

Purple Mattress

I’m reviewing the Purple Mattress, and I’m doing so in a nontraditional way because I’m a nontraditional person in nontraditional circumstances. Sleep has been a struggle for me since having kids. I’m a single Dad to three kiddos on the autism spectrum, and when they don’t sleep, I don’t sleep. Frankly, even when they do …

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My kids are disappointed but it’s out of my control

The boys don’t have school today because their is a Halloween event instead. I don’t necessarily agree with hosting an event in person whilst Ohio is logging nearly 4,000 new COVID cases a day. I do, however, appreciate what they are trying to do for the kids. They’re exercising caution and following guidelines but I …

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It’s frustrating but melts my heart at the same time

I had an awful nights sleep last night. Emmett woke up at some point and climbed into my bed. My bed is a huge and he literally has to cling to me like if he let go, I’d disappear. I’m reviewing a brand new king size Purple 4 Hybrid matter with 4 inches of Purple …

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