Review of the @Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

I’m reviewing the Purple Mattress, and I’m doing so in a nontraditional way because I’m a nontraditional person in nontraditional circumstances. Sleep has been a struggle for me since having kids. I’m a single Dad to three kiddos on the autism spectrum, and when they don’t sleep, I don’t sleep. Frankly, even when they do sleep, I don’t always sleep. Being single, I don’t even get to sleep in shifts, and it takes a toll on my physical and emotional health. That’s not a good thing.

It’s so important that I get the most out of whatever sleep I manage to obtain. That said, I want to talk to you about the Purple Hybrid Premier with 4 inches of Purple Grid I received a few weeks ago.

Disclaimer: I received this mattress in exchange for my honest feedback. The following is my honest opinion and it’s not influenced by anything other than my first-hand experience.

The Purple Hybrid Premier is the best of the best regarding the mattresses that Purple has to offer. Three weeks ago, I was familiar with Purple but had never experienced one myself. I have used several delivered in a box mattresses over the years and have been surprised with how comfortable they are, considering they are vacuum sealed and shipped in a relatively small box.

The King Size Purple Hybrid Premier was delivered about three weeks ago. It was unloaded by a couple of delivery guys who did a fantastic job. The original delivery service included carrying the mattress into the house, installing it, and hauling away the debris. Due to COVID, I had to decline that service because we’re on COVID lockdown. My oldest is immunocompromised, and we can’t take any chances. That said, I do appreciate having that option, especially considering how much this weighed.

The mattress arrived in a large purple roll. The roll was about 80 inches long and weighed a little over 200 pounds. We had a heck of a time hauling this up two flights of stairs, but we managed.

You must remove the outer plastic without puncturing the inner plastic. If you’re not careful, the mattress will begin to inflate itself, and that’s not fun.

When you puncture the plastic and allow the mattress to absorb air, it becomes full size in seconds. The dimensions once fully restored is 76″x80″x13″.

Aside from the weight, the mattress setup is straightforward. Purple provides a safety razor tool for cutting the plastic without cutting the mattress. I strongly suggest you take advantage of that tool and resist the urge to grab a pair of scissors.

I paid close attention to any weird smells that people often complain about in these mattresses in a box type setups. I didn’t really notice anything significant. My kids are sensitive to smells, and they would have said something if they smelled something. I can always count on them for their brutal honesty. Kids on the autism spectrum are known for their brutal honesty. That’s just one of the perks of being an autism Dad.

  • Purple Mattress

With the mattress set up and ready to go, I can focus a bit on how well it’s built and any thoughts I have on the design.

I’m always amazed when I see how ridiculously compressed these mattresses are before opening them up. Once the mattress is fully inflated, for lack of a better word, it’s pretty easy to see that it’s built well.

It comes with a removable mattress cover, but I installed a very thin, waterproof bamboo cover over the top to be safe. My kids have been known to spill things, and my dog likes to vomit on my bed as well.

The build quality is exceptional, and frankly, for $3,500.00, I would expect nothing less. I cannot express just how comfortable it is. Purple describes this particular model as having a zero gravity effect, and that’s pretty accurate.

It feels like you’re floating. I know that sounds weird to hear but it’s honestly what it feels like.

Every mattress I’ve ever used has felt like it was pushing back up against me when I’m lying down. I don’t know if that sense, but I don’t feel that push back with Purple. The only way I can describe it is floating. There are no pressure points, and it’s incredibly comfortable for side sleepers. It also breaths, meaning the mattress stays cool and you don’t overheat.

I suffered a major back injury when I was a fire/medic, and I often wake up in pain. It depends on how I sleep but on my previous mattresses; I would toss and turn throughout the night because my back would always hurt. That’s not to say those mattresses weren’t comfortable, or wouldn’t be comfortable to most people, because, for the most part, they were. When you have a back injury, even the most comfortable mattresses can be problematic. That’s not anyone’s fault.

The first couple of days that I slept on the Purple, it was a little weird because I was so used to my old mattress. After a couple of days, I was good. In the last three weeks, I’ve not experienced any of those issues. I’m not tossing or turning nearly as much, and there are even times I wake up in the same position I fell asleep in.

My sleep score as tracked by my Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has significantly increased as well.

Does this fix my chronic sleep deprivation? Nope. Not even close. Does it help me get the best from the sleep that I do get? Abso-freakin’-lutely!

This is pretty straightforward in my view. If I’m only able to get four hours of sleep, I need it to be the most restful four hours of sleep possible. The Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress helps me do that. I wake up feeling better, less tired, and pain-free. That’s an awesome thing because I need all the help I can get, and quality sleep is among the most important ways to care for myself.

We’ve established that the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress is absolutely amazing but what I haven’t touched on is the Purple Harmony Pillows and Purple Sheets. The sheets are stretching and amazing. They’re so comfortable, and I could never go back to regular sheets after this. The Harmony Pillow is insanely comfortable. The Purple Grid supports my head and neck, regardless of how I end up sleeping. They don’t seem to lose their shape, and I’m not constantly fluffing them to be comfortable. As I said, they’re insanely comfortable, and there really isn’t much more I can say about them.

I struggled with this review a little because it’s tough to review something like this. It’s totally subjective, and I never want to mislead anyone. At the same time, I’m so excited about this mattress because it has made such a huge difference in my life, and I want to share that. I have absolutely zero complaints about the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress. It’s expensive, but it does come with a ten-year warranty and a 100-night trial.

Here’s the thing. We spend one-third of our lives, either sleeping or trying to sleep. Sleep is often difficult to come by for special needs parents, but the need is inescapable. I would love to explore something with Purple that could help families in need achieve the best sleep possible. I don’t think I have that much leverage, but I will approach them and let you know how it goes.

At the end of the day, I would recommend Purple to anyone. Purple produces the most comfortable mattresses, pillows, and bedding I’ve ever used. If you’re interested in checking them out, hit the button below.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Does it stay cool? I get really hot at night and need a mattress that stays cool